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Hooray for Capitalism !

Battle strike 1934

I thought I would list all the benefits we have experienced since feudalism was replaced by capitalism as the main economic model.

Feudalism exploited and enslaved the general populace – to one extent or another – to benefit a select few. Either through birthright or armed power. Quite often both. Under feudalism the means of production – both agricultural and industrial – were in the hands of the few. Acquired either from birthright or by force.

The end of feudalism was ostensibly to change this. It however did not. In fact empires grew the strongest under capitalism. Slavery and indentured servitude flourished under it. Countries and natives were colonized to acquire their wealth and resources to benefit the capitalist owners in the mother country. Displaced and quite often eliminated or enslaved.

Personal gain was the driving force behind nearly all endeavors. From adventurism to conquest. The monarchies that would continuously wage war with one another were replaced by capitalist and industrialists – who through their government servants – waged even bigger and bloodier wars. And in all cases it was the general populace that bore the brunt of the fighting and killing.

Banks and financial institutions began risky practices. Investing in and loaning money to anyone or anything that they were told was a sure money making enterprise. Profit was all and the quicker the better. Resulting in a long line of financial failures and economic crisis.

Capitalism’s quest for more and more wealth and gain. For continued expansion. Disregards any and all environmental and ecological concerns. Endangering the planet and those that live there. Capitalism requires continued growth in order to function.

Capitalists put monetary gain ahead of everything. Which is why the worst dictators in history were put in place and supported by capitalists – who also make the most from them. With total and complete disregard for what these people did to their citizens.

Contrary to popular believe capitalism does not encourage discovery, it stifles it. Unless a great deal of money can be made from it. And from the very start it will try to co-opt, defraud and steal ideas and inventions from those who make them. Such as RCA with Major Edwin Armstrong and Philo Farnsworth.

It will cut corners on everything to ensure greater profits. From wages to the workers, their working conditions and even the raw materials and designs. Knowingly marketing and producing items that are dangerous and even lethal. Like DDT, the Ford Pinto, numerous toys…to name but a few.

Capitalists are know to delay, sabotage and even kill any idea and/or product that may hurt their bottom line. Or attempt to gain exclusive ownership of it. The pharmaceutical industry is known for this. They will not develop a cure for anything they can make more money on by developing a continued treatment for.

They will use any means they can to get the consumer to buy into something and then blame them when it goes sour.

And contrary to popular belief, capitalists hate competition and will do what ever is necessary to eliminate it. Forming trusts and monopolies and fixing prices.

Yes people ow a lot to capitalism. Especially people like Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Anastasio Somoz, Augusto Pinochet, Mubarak, Bashar al-Assad ……….. and various CEOS, Bankers, Stock Brokers, Military leaders and weapons developers.

You and me…not so much.

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