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BACKFIRE: Booker’s Power Play Invalidated By Judge

Just as Cory Booker’s publicity stunt was ending this week a judge decided Cory Booker’s power play was illegal:

Judge Dennis Carey III probably knows all about how Newarkers live and breathe their politics. But if he didn’t, he got a learning moment today.

After an hour of reading over musty statutes and debating which clauses superseded which subsections, Carey issued the words that mattered most to the packed chamber inside Newark’s opulent historic courthouse: “I am going to rule in favor of the Baraka plaintiffs.”…

Carey reversed Booker’s vote today, saying the mayor did not have the authority to vote on the issue.

Snakes rolling snake eyes. While the gamble may not have paid off, Booker did win an “I owe you one” from one of New Jersey’s most powerful bosses. A nice chip to have in your pocket.

But a reversal in court could never stop Booker from being self-righteous as he dialed the egomania knob to 10 at, of all things, a political fundraiser – leading some to wonder if Booker was auditioning for an even higher office:

“I know we’re here for a political occasion,” Booker said, “but, dear God, we have a spiritual purpose.”

“This is not a local speech,” a Democrat said later, speaking on condition of anonymity. “He’s running for something, I just don’t know what.”

“Pope?” someone suggested.

Pope might take some more backroom dealing though Cory surely knows all about kissing the rings of the powerful.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.

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