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Over Easy – Cory Booker, Loan Sharks, and Sweet Jane

Good morning you lovely firedogs! There’s coffee, and I’ve got french toast on the griddle. Sit a spell, eat, and peruse the links.

A plate of french toast with fresh fruit.

Fancy some french toast? Come into Over Easy & chat a while.

I’m sure everyone remembers Kelly Thomas, the homeless man beaten to death by Fullerton, CA police last July. Thomas was schizophrenic. Now, Salon has the links to a study that shows at least half of the people shot by police in this country each year suffer from mental illness.

How Civil Disobedience Improves Crowdsourced Disaster Response (and Vice Versa) by Patrick Meier, PhD.

This must have stuck in Bloomberg’s craw. I love seeing him humbled. Also, The Guardian has a nice piece about Occupy Sandy and the NYPD.

How about some political activism from a politician? Cory Booker, Mayor of Newark, NJ, challenged himself to live on a food stamp budget for 7 days. $30 to spend. The tech-savvy guy even blogged the entire experience. Here is the final blog post from day 7. If you have a few minutes, check out his updates from all 7 days here.

Interesting news from CNet. This just made getting arrested a lot more interesting.

Gender, Debt, and Dropping Out of College. (Will need to open .pdf at link to view full article.)

Bank protestors in Switzerland demonstrate how to take on a loan shark. Pic.

Oh hey! Remember those formaldehyde-tainted trailers that FEMA bought in the wake of Katrina? FEMA is selling them.

I saw this yesterday and had to pass it along. Too cool to not share. Rare cat filmed up close.

Since I’ve done this two weeks in a row now, I might as well continue. Some music.

See you in the comments.

Photo by Jules Morgan released under a Creative Commons license.

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