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Greece: StopCartel TV – Press Release

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UPDATE: The audio file (below) is of a statement Dr. Giorgos Kosmopoulos made this morning, December 11, as he waited for news of his impending eviction. He was speaking to those watching his live broadcast from his home via Livestream as he and friends and supporters waited, not knowing when the eviction will begin, and commented via Livestream chat.

You can find out the details of Dr. Kosmopoulos’s eviction, which is representative of the plight of a large part of Greece’s population, herehere and here.

AUDIO LINKgiorgos_11-dec-2012.mp3



TOPIC: Large family with unemployed disabled person in the street after “fast-track” eviction

The father is a well-known doctor, a cardiothoracic surgeon and former Head of thoracic surgery department  at a large hospital in Athens, now practically unemployed.

The eldest son is an economist with severe disabilities, unemployed, and was a parliamentary candidate in Athens coctituency on the SYRIZA ticket during the May and June elections.

These people are well known on the Internet and are now threatened with immediate eviction.

The family requested one month’s notice to leave the house where they have lived for 14 years. The owner refuses.

They call for the immediate publicizing of this barbaric behavior by the ‘justice’ system and the landlord.

The family is determined not to allow authorities to enter their household, throw them out on the street and make them homeless using violence.

They locked themselves in their home, a two-floor apartment on Delphon Street, no. 32, in Glyfada, behind the Glyfada cemetery, and will not allow access to any bailiff, police, etc. to break into their home.

– Tel. for all info: 6982009611

– Read at


All the elements of this tragedy that represents the current drama of the average Greek family, drowning in a humanitarian disaster that is happening all over Greece and of which everyone needs to be informed.


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