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Community organizer or Caesar. What Obama is and what he is not.

Obama is not some liberal community organizer gone sour. He is a mass murderer and a determined opponent of the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the US.

Obama, like all presidential candidates, was carefully screened and his loyalty to the rich insured before he ran for office. His two books clarified his role as a conservative (conserving the wealth of the rich) and as “radical”, but only in the sense of being willing to appear to champion the causes of workers and consumers.  Caesar and Napoleon used the same strategy.

He’s very much like Richard Nixon in that respect and others. Nixon refused to campaign to block Medicare and the Voting Rights act to keep a base and, aside from his attempts to impose wage and price controls, he rarely tried major attacks on unions. What he did do was doggedly pursue LBJ’s dreams of empire and hegemony in SE Asia, escalating the war in Vietnam until it became a nightmare for the Vietnamese who died by the hundreds of thousands and for GI’s who died by the tens of thousands.

Nixon also escalated attacks on civil liberties by creating the lynch mob mentality among cops that led to the murders at Jackson State and Kent State and he escalated the FBI led murder campaign against the Black Panthers. Nixon had pretensions of grandeur and his advisors discussed violent attacks on the Bill of Rights but the size and brute strength of the GI and civilian antiwar movements’ and the real possibility of another, far more serious round of Black uprisings kept him on a short leash.

Obama, always a closet conservative, has followed much the same path, escalating the war for empire and hegemony in SW Asia. But in other respects, Obama has moved far to the right of Nixon. Absent an antiwar movement, Obama has gone much further in his attacks on the Bill of Rights in this country and the connected attacks on human rights from Morocco to Indonesia.

Domestically he’s begun to murder American citizens and promises he’ll keep it up.  He’s appealing the court decision on NDAA, supports FISA (massive wiretapping and spying), supports the anti-Bill of Rights provisions of the Paytriot Act and tortured gay/antiwar hero Brad Manning.

Overseas he’s clearly become a war criminal, responsible for the mass murder of tens of thousands of Libyans, Palestinians, Afghans and Pakistanis and the  wastage of the lives of GI’s. He,  his cabinet and his JCS, like his predecessors Reagan, the Bushes and the Clintons’ are all fair candidates for investigation by an International War Crimes tribunal.

Obama’s murderous policies are guaranteed to get worse. The times we live in are very much like the last years of the Roman Republic when dynastic extended families fought for control with terrific bloodletting. Caesar won and Augustus ended the Republic forever.

We can’t guess what date the future will ascribe to our version of crossing the Rubicon but it could be anytime in the Bush or Obama Administrations.


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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue