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Over Easy: Monday Science


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Good Morning!

Increase in mutations at Fukishima. The corium in unit 1 is in a state where earthquakes increase radiation. They’re not reporting increases in neutrons that would be indicative of recriticality. Theory is that there’s a crust on the corium that the quakes fracture.

When did the first stars turn on? They keep pushing the date back. Given ’em an more distant quasar, I bet they’ll push that date back further.

Here’s some good news for all you coffee addicts. So if you have another cup of coffee, you can have that donut.

In Calif, with the density of smartphones, this could actually work. And you’d really only need 2-3 companies to go along with the better detectors.

The moon got the crap beat out of it more than we thought. That’s kinda impressive, because we already thought it had the crap beat out of it.

A problem with energy is that we can’t store enough of it in a small enough area. Nor can we recharge quickly. Nor can we tap it quickly. A capacitor solves the recharge problem, and the discharge problem, but one big enough to power a care would be bigger than a car. Enter the supercapacitor. Now they’ve made an advance to shrink the supercapacitor. This would dramatically increase the surface area and hence the amount of energy stored.

Ash trees are dying in Britian due to a new fungus.

Element 113 created. It is absolutely useless for it’s short lifetime. In theory, 113 has one isotope in the Island of Stablity. Obviously, this one wasn’t it.

Photovoltaic is one way to plug into the sun. It has a maximum theoretical efficiency of about 35%. 21% is the new record for a producable panel. They’re saying a $2100.00 investment could power your house. We’ll see if it makes it all the way to market.

A story about hypergiant stars. Keep any comments about overcompensating to yourselves.

Man can make a difference when we wish. Ozone hole shrinking, might be back to normal in 2065. We stopped making the chlorine compounds that caused it whee we could and controlled the heck out of it where we couldn’t. The former should not be interpreted as supporting job killing environmental regulations or international treaties.

This is NOT a hockey stick. Pointless bet: which kills us first, fuku, warming, oil pollution or other?

Fracking is too close to me. And getting bigger.

If you asked somebody, they’d probably tell you that nuclear power is 20% of america’s energy. It’s actually 8%.

Some science from the Challenger Deep, the deepest spot on earth. Once again keep your thoughts about overcompensation to yourselves.

Boxturtle (If any of you have your Xmas shopping done, I don’t wanna hear about it)

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