Elizabeth Warren Is Already Selling Out The Hippies

Senator-elect and Green Party I-Wish-You-Were-My-Girlfriend poster girl Elizabeth Warren hasn’t even been seated in the Senate yet and she is already shitting all over progressive hopes and dreams by not demanding that she be given the skull of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein for her desktop pencil holder:

Elizabeth Warren is resigning the tenured post at Harvard Law School that took her 30 years to achieve. She has met privately with her former opponent, Scott Brown, who addressed her as professor instead of senator-elect. And she has spoken half a dozen times with majority leader Harry Reid about her new role in the Senate.

But during her first extensive interview since her victory last month, Warren said she had no bills or initiatives ready to propose when she becomes senator next month. Instead, she said, she is studying the ways of the Senate, looking into issues that others have proposed, and seeking out alliances.

The conciliatory approach may surprise those who expected the self-proclaimed rock-thrower to arrive with a slingshot, and play the role of constant critic, forever dishing with Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow.

Warren, who once promised to throw her body in front of bad bills if she won office, acknowledged that in the Senate, with its tradition of deference to senior members, the road to power often requires discretion.


Certainly, Warren is not promising a retreat. She said she will continue to be an outspoken voice on her priorities, which she described as filibuster reform, lowering college debt, financial regulation, and public infrastructure and clean energy investment, all of which she said will help the middle class. She said she wants to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which the Supreme Court also announced on Friday that it would review.

“I’m not patient,” she said, as if to assure supporters she won’t be tamed. “I’m not patient.”

But she said she will choose her tactics carefully, keeping quiet when it suits her objective and making noise when she sees the need.

It’s been five weeks and she has already been corrupted by the oligarchical duopoly.

She was so much cooler and edgy when she was  DIY but, now that she has signed with a major label party, she’s totally sold out, man….

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