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Hello and Happy Sunday, cat folks and welcome to another edition of Pull Up Your Cat here on Fire(cat)lake. This morning I wanted to talk about cats kneading things. Kuroneko likes to knead my blankets, my sweaters, my towels, pretty much anything soft and cloth. She has very sharp claws so she leaves tiny holes in things. Not that it especially bothers me, it’s just one of the hazards you have to expect from sharing your life with a cat. The reason I bring it up is because I have never heard or read any theory that explains that behavior to my satisfaction. Neko herself spends a lot of time kneading the covers while I’m in bed reading but she almost never settles down to sleep in that spot.

In addition to that though, I wanted to point out that yellowsnapdragon spent this weekend retrieving Nagi from Florida. What a wonderful and generous thing to do. Hopefully she’ll recover enough later to give us an update. I think our OmAli will also let us know the status of some of the rest of SouthernDragon’s clowder. Huge hat tip to both of them and to all who donated to their care and to Nagi’s retrieval and especially to SD’s friend, Nancy, without whom all of those poor kittehs would have wound up in a real bad situation. Please join me in wishing him and his new two legged family the best. And hopefully Abner and Gracie want a new brother!

On to the pictures!

Kneading holes in the sheets
Kuronko picture of the week: Kuroneko kneads holes
into my sheet!

Nagi is looking a little anxious as he begins his trip to a new forever home
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Hmmm, this tree looks good enough to eat! Via lolcats

And last, from Warner Brothers: How to make friends through kneading.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week. Please join me in wishing the best for Nagi in his new home, along with our yellowsnapdragon and Abner and Gracie also. Whatever your week ahead has in store, please remember to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life.

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