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Michigan: the Right to Scab

The wires are full of stories about the new union-busting law in Michigan. There’s lots to say here: for one thing, it’s clear that this election was bought.

But there’s a story here. The consumer economy was born when Henry Ford, and others like him, decided to pay his workers enough to buy his own products. And this led, over his later objections, to the steady blue-collar union job: one which paid decently. With the passage of the Michigan laws, this all ends. Not immediately: existing union contracts stand. But soon. Used to be a Detroit auto-worker job was something to be proud of. But unless the unions find some way to fight this, they’re going to turn into one more kind of shit job, with low pay, poor benefits, and and crappy working conditions.

Congratulations, Charles and David Koch. You may finally have killed the US auto industry.

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