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Hollywood Nagi’s Transcontinental Trip

Hollywood Nagi

Update4:  Nagi is One. Cool. Cat.  Another picture.

Update3:  Met Nagi and Richard’s friend who was taking care of Nagi.  What a lovely person.  She was moved to emotion sending Nagi off to his new home.  I see why she and Richard were friends.

Update2:  Landed in Tampa and plan to meet Nagi and his companion at noon.  Will try to link pictures.

Update1:  About to take off from JFK to Tampa.  3 hour flight.

As many here know, when our friend SouthernDragon passed away, he left behind a houseful of pampered, privileged cats he chatted about every Sunday morning at Caturday.  Several of those cats came to SouthernDragon as a last chance home after experiencing difficult conditions previously–homelessness, injury, etc.

OmAli has led the effort to safely relocate all the kitties to a local animal sanctuary for homeless furries and the FDL community joined together to raise the money to pay their way.  All have arrived there except one:  Nagi.

Nagi (pronounced Nah-GEE, he’s the sleek, confident one on the left) is a 4 year old, 9lb. 9oz. bundle of black fur and love known for his mischievous temperament.  His name comes from the Lakota language and means “shadow”,  no doubt chosen because of SouthernDragon’s interest in American Indian folklore and such.  Hollywood was added by SD’s friend perhaps because he is California bound.  SD noted many times on Caturday how Nagi knocked this or that off a shelf, broke a lamp here or a teacup there.   I was smitten and fell in love with him from across the country.

Nagi will not be joining the other kitties at the animal sanctuary.   Instead, he will be making his way across the United States from SouthernDragon’s old place in St. Petersburg, Florida all the way to California to his new forever home with my family here in the San Fransisco Bay Area.  Welcome Nagi!

Thanks to the help of several pups (thanks again everyone), I am flying to Tampa to meet SouthernDragon’s friend who will deliver Nagi to me.  Nagi and I will then fly home together, Nagi safely in a carrier in the cabin of the plane tucked in a nice comforting hidey-hole under the seat in front of me.

I’ve promised to blog Nagi’s trip and to add pictures of the trip.  Check for updates above.

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