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Did you miss #durbinville yesterday?

Thanks to the folks at CAN-TV, you can watch it here!



And check out this superb article on “#Durbinville Targets Key Democratic Senator Willing to Cut Social Programs

After you get done watching, call Senator Durbin in Chicago at (312) 353-4052 or in Washington at (202) 224-2154 and tell him:

  •  Absolutely NO extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for people making over $250k (He said yesterday he was willing to “compromise” on this!  Tell him we say, “NO”!)
  • NO cuts to vital economic safety net programs like food stamps, Pell Grants, medical care for veterans and NO cuts to medicare, medicaid or social security.  (He needs to stop endorsing a Simpson-Bowles ‘Grand Bargain’ that would lower tax rates on the wealthy and corporations, while throwing working people, the poor, the sick and the elderly under the bus.)
  • He needs to get behind more progressive sources of revenue like a “Robin Hood” tax on financial transactions that could generate $1.8 trillion in ten years, scrapping the cap on social security taxes, and taxing capital gains as income.  (In a response to a letter I wrote demanding that he do so, Senator Durbin said that such revenue sources “unreachable.”  Well, of course they’re unreachable if the Majority Whip of the Democratic Party doesn’t reach for them!  Tell Senator Durbin: It’s time to get to work!)
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Jacob Swenson

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