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Over Easy Thursday

Good morning and welcome to the Thursday Over Easy.  oldnslow here sitting in for a very busy Ruth.  Thursday is the day Ruth takes a look at the foreign press so I figure why mess with a good thing.  Although it is actually a fairly daunting task let’s give it a go;

A beach with palm tree, overlooking the city of Doha

World leaders discuss climate change in Doha, Qatar this week.

Is Assad looking to flee Syria?  Apparently, despite assurance that he would “live and die in Syria,” the Syrian Foreign Minister has been busy in Latin America.

Egypt has exploded this week.  I don’t know about you, but I sincerely had extremely high hopes that Egypt would find it’s way.  This is clearly more than a bump in the road.

It is here that I would love to give you an update on the Fukushima Daiichi power plant melt down but news is very difficult to come by.

The UN Climate talks in Doha Qatar do not appear to be going all that well.  Apparently the ever reliable Heritage Foundation, despite this, has released a paper urging the US government to break away from the UN on Climate Change and blah, blah, blah…….  No I will not link to it.

Ireland, you know the model for recovery through austerity, is not recovering.  Who could have predicted that would happen?

The typhoon pounding the Phillipines is tragic and the devastation is far from fully exposed as of this morning.

Sorry to slide to the home front but Dave Brubeck, the jazz great died yesterday.  If you think you don’t know who that is listen to this and it will come to you.  Years ago the CBL worked at a Raddison in Stockton CA and Dave was one of her regulars.  The first time she waited on him she called him Mr. Brubeck out of the gate and he was stunned to be recognized.  They hit it off and CBL adored the very humble and kind legend.  RIP Dave.

That’s what I’ve got this morning Dinerzens, have at it.

Photo by Sarah Ackerman released under a Creative Commons license.

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