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Obama and Clinton- Recall These Execrable Climate Representatives

Amy Goodman had a very interesting exchange yesterday with US Climate Negotiator Jonathan Pershing.  The US has been criticized now for years as one of the primary obstacles to a globally binding treaty which meets the requirements of climate science.  Indeed, as one of Amy’s guests said yesterday, Obama has actually been a worse influence on these climate negotiations than Bush was.

Here is Amy’s “who’s your daddy” exchange with Pershing :

AMY GOODMAN: …Yesterday, a number of civil society groups held a news conference, and they said at that news conference—Kumi Naidoo of Greenpeace International said, “Todd Stern and Jonathan Pershing have come to Doha with their needles stuck in the groove of obstructing the U.N. process, an art they have perfected.” And he said that it is “disrespectful of President Obama to inflict on us two negative negotiators who act as if the comments he made after his election were never made. Obama should pick up the phone and tell his delegates to follow his lead, or, alternatively, call them back to Washington.” That’s what Kumi Naidoo said. Jonathan Pershing, are you following President Obama’s wishes? And how do you respond to civil society groups who are saying that the U.S. is the lead obstructor to any kind of negotiated deal here in Doha?

JONATHAN PERSHING: I have no comment on the first part of that.

Of course you don’t have a comment on that, you officious prick!  But it is obvious that you are doing exactly the bidding of your employers, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama.  So much for the meme that Obama was merely waiting until after the election to be our progressive hero.  By their fruits you shall know them, and the shite doesn’t fall far from the asshole.

Of course, it’s a fool’s errand to think we can get Clinton and Obama to recall their hand-picked negotiators at this late date, but we can let the White House know that they aren’t fooling us – that we know Pershing and Stern speak for them and that this makes Clinton and Obama some of the worst perpetrators of violence against Mother Earth.  Recall Stern and Pershing!

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