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Greece: Large family with unemployed and disabled members thrown into the street

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From the StopCartel Newsdesk:

The “fast-track” eviction process in Greece supports state terrorism by robbing citizens of their dignity and their homes.

In Athens, a large family of six with unemployed and disabled members are facing the imminent threat of being thrown out onto the street. Their landlord took actions against the family by taking advantage of a corrupt judicial process that places evictions on a fast-track procedure. This means that if a judgement is made against this family, they have 3 days to remove themselves and their belongings from their home of 14 years.

The family requested that the landlord, who resides in the same building, give them more time to seek shelter elsewhere. They just want to leave their home of 14 years with dignity, without bailiffs and police arriving and exerting violence on the family, throwing the family’s possessions onto the street, and violently forcing family members outside of the home and making them homeless with three days’ notice.

This story is characteristic of the humanitarian catastrophe facing Greek citizens. The term defines a country that is without welfare protection for the thousands of families that are thrown into the street with fast-track eviction procedures. At the same time, there are thousands of empty properties belonging to the Church and the State. Fast-track is used to exploit citizens without justification. This does not benefit members of society and only adds to the problem of homelessness.

Some preliminary data on the family of Glyfada who will be left homeless:

– Father – career scientist, age 62, unemployed

– Gyos – severe physical disabilities, university education, unemployed

– Other children with university degrees and unemployed mother

A call for solidarity with all struggling people to be announced later.

A shout out to the judges:

– No citizen in the street

– No homeless in Greece

– End the brutal fast-track eviction procedure


Original article in Greek

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