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Building Bridges Radio: Bangladesh Fire: Walmart & Disney Refuse Responsibi?lity

 Building Bridges: Your Community & Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Walmart & Disney Refuse Responsibility For Worker Compensation
In Bangladesh Fire Where Death Toll Soared to More than 121 And
Where Labor Organizers Are Tortured and Disappeared
Kalpona Akter, Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity

Kalpona Akter, a garment worker since she was 12 years old, faces myriad
criminal charges for organizing for labor rights in the garment industry and
while she mourns brother labor activists who have been tortured, and others
who have been assassinated she is unrelenting in her organizing against the
conditions that led to the deaths & critical injuries of hundreds of Bangladeshi
garment workers recently. Akter discusses the safety risks, poverty wages,
abusive treatment, unsafe conditions faced by workers who sew the clothes

we wear, along with the government’s campaign of terror against labor rights
activists. Akter places squarely before us the question of why Bangladeshi
workers have to die sewing cheap clothing while the brands Walmart, H&M,
Gap and Disney make millions and avoid responsibility and compensating
the victims of the terrifying blaze for the conditions that resulted in the fiery
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