A Dearth Of Drama, A Paucity Of Posts

Occasional readers, long-term readers, and stalkers may have noticed a perceptible decrease in blog posting around these here parts in the past few weeks and I thought it only fair (and TRANSPARENT OF ME) to address what the heck is going on and why and such and such…

So, here goes:

  • I’ve recently started a new job (this blog is not my job, thenkyewvrrrrymuch) which is  challenging and exciting in many wonderful ways and not at all like my last job which had become a mind-numbing soul-deadening humiliating exercise in futility only made bearable by the promise of an early death. If you have ever edited a book by Jonah Goldberg, you probably know what I’m talking about.  So, needless to say, I’m a bit preoccupied. Having said that….
  • There is not a hell of a lot going on these days. Outside of Republicans manuevering to fill the void left by the empty suit that was Mitt Romney because the 2016 primaries are a mere four years away (Marco Rubio! He’s a brown!… Jeb Bush! He’s married to a brown! … Paul Ryan! He’s full of shit!…which is brown!) and the fiscal cliff/grand bargain pushmi-pullyu, everything is kind of ‘meh, whatevs’ lately.
  •  Going into 2012, those of us on The Left (the O-Bot Loving Duopoly-Defending Neo-Liberal Running Dog Lackey division) had three things we wanted to accomplish:
  1. Getting Obama re-elected – Mission Accomplished! due in no small part to Ghost ACORN and to the Republicans for selecting the worst campaigner since, well, Martha Coakley.
  2. Destroying all of the third parties – This was actually easy because most third parties eschew mundane and tedious projects like fundraising, organizing, and running and electing  viable candidates for entry-level political offices in off-year elections, choosing instead to save up their pennies for a ride on the Quadrennial Sparkle Pony Merry-Go-Round because this time – this timeTHIS TIME – the brass ring is totally going to be within reach.
  3. Killing Andrew Breitbart – Here is a lesson kids: never bring a Breitbartpocalypse to a drone fight.

Having accomplished these three tasks, political blogging  life is kinda of empty right now leaving time for all things non-bloggy and personal  like becoming reacquainted with my wife (see illustration above), going to the movies and out to dinner, getting some reading done, and catching up on important era-defining cultural touchstones like Breaking Bad/Mad Men/Homeland/The Walking Dead/Downton Abbey/ Asian Cheerleader Butt-Sluts Vols. VI – XXIV.  Also long walks on the beach and watching sunsets.

This is not to say that blogging won’t continue, I just need to work out a new schedule, get my head back in the game and wait for someone to do or say something truly stupid on the internet and then I’ll be as right as rain.

I give it about ten minutes…twelve tops…

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