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Is This the “Native American/Chicano/Liberal” Box For Escaping Poverty?

Is This the “Native American/Chicano/Liberal” Box for Escaping Poverty?


For those of us here in theSonoranDesert, when we view our nation’s politics, we caution carefulness since Common Sense, becomes demystified.  Of course, I am speaking of our opposition to the tiresome scribbles that constantly emanate from the “Old and Tired White Dudes” Construct and the Attending Sycophants.


However, we, the Native Americans and the Chicanos well-understand that with new “ideas” comes political activism and which pays dividends to the like-minded.  As such, with health care and the Affordable HealthCare Act, times change and we will continue our tirade of political activism on behalf of establishing “open access” to all from and for Medicare, the VA and the Indian Health Services.


As for the generic idea that needs to be implemented for “escaping poverty” can easily be accomplished with our “academic-military draft” in which a three-year enlistment leads to a minimum of a two-year Associate Arts Degree in Liberal Arts.  Thus, completing the third and fourth-year of academics, is easily accomplished from having learned early-on that hard work and self-discipline is a character-building trait of immense consequence.


Therefore, when I “see” and “listen” to the conservatives wailing on about “governmental assistance” to the “slackers” I tend to fall into the trance from whence I find it difficult to imagine that a conservative from the Sonoran Desert would participate, since the nativist or anti-Brown hobby/behavior overpowers all clear-headed thinking, but that too is our America, especially when seen from the standpoint of America’s “decline and collapse” and as is being espoused by today’s conservatives.


In short, now that we have undergone our vote for America’s “conservative” Democrat, organizing ourselves to “challenge” America with a forthright Progressive located among our Democratic Coalition for the 2016 presidential cycle, I find that there a many capable and astute candidates available.  Consequently, who do you see as an enviable(s) candidate that can appeal to the citizen/activists here in the Southwest and able to garner the requisite 270 Electoral College votes?


And please don’t mention Vice-President Biden!




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