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The 20% solution

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It would seem that Hillary Clinton is going to run for president in 2016. Pretty much a given really. Having her run will lock up the soccer mom vote for the most part and if she can lay it on thick like Bill, most of the Latino, Black and other non whites as well.

With a large part of the white males going for the republican. Most likely Jeb Bush. Politics as usual in the USA. And the vast majority of the populace will go along for the ride. Grover Norquist is saying that TP2.0 will be better than the previous version. Sounding like an IBM software add.

It all sounds so much like some first year comp sci program written in LISP to calculate N Factorial recursively. Just shuffle the card deck and re-submit the program if it doesn’t work the first time.

So why do we – or rather the public – put up with this ? Even after all that has been going on for the last 30 years or so. The criminality on Wall Street, in Congress. The imperialistic foreign policy and continuous military actions that get us even deeper in dept and accomplish nothing.

For one thing, the economy and the government is working just good enough for enough people to keep them from wanting to make any major change. This is not pre-revolutionary France or Russia where only a very small percentage of people – generally in the big cities – were doing well or at least managing some how. Where the vast majority were starving and still working in horrendous conditions, if they could work at all. Where most of what they did get was taxed or appropriated by those at the top.

Nor is this some Nazi occupied country where there was a common enemy and common goal that bound the majority together. Where even if the people were not actively involved with the resistance, were supportive of it and would turn their backs and not see or report anything the resistance did. Quite often helping in small ways as well.

Nor is it this country during the depression of the 1930s where the official unemployment was 25% of the populace. But that did not include all those who lost everything in the dust bowl as well. People who were driven off their farms and land with the same vigor and those who were driven from unions and strikes.

None of those conditions exist here at this time.

I would say that there is maybe around 20% who would really want to see any major change in the government or economic system. And of that 20% only about 1% who would support any direct action to do so. And even those 20% cannot agree on what needs to be done first. Jobs ? Global warming ? Economic and social equality ? Take one from from column A and one from column B.

The rest are still OK as long as they can still have roof over their heads, food in their stomachs, something to watch on their idiot boxes and get good and drunk at some bar.  Distracted by some trivial item (religious, moral, financial, or entertainment related) or the next gadget from Apple or Microsoft.

Even Greece and Spain – who are an order of magnitude worse off than we are – are not to the point of replacing their PTB with some coup or another.

As anyone who has been in AA or any other 12 step program can tell you, human beings are very reluctant to make any kind of change in their lives even when their lives are pure torture. Even when they have lost everything. They will put an unbelievable amount of effort into forcing a bad, unworkable situation to work some way or another or quite literally die trying.. They will deny and blame others for their misfortune and the failure of their situation.

The right wing will continually wine and throw a temper tantrum like some spoiled brat. Maybe even be diagnosed with some psychiatric disorder.

The pseudo-left will feign support for any progressive agenda that does not interfere with the status quo. Their SUV, McMansion or defense related carrier.

Change will come only when the majority of people are willing to own and accept that the system has failed and the continued support will get them nowhere. This will only happen when they themselves are starving and those at the top tell them TFB while their enforcers are clubbing them to death.

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