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Hello Cat people. It’s Sunday so it’s time to pull up your cat and share kitteh stories, (though other animal stories are welcome too). Pretty slow couple of weeks here at Margaret’s Kuroneko’s house. Kuroneko has decided that she likes the carpet on the side of the sofa and she spends a lot of time climbing up, batting at me and then running back down. For a five year old cat, she still has a lot of kitten energy left, though she also spends a lot of time sleeping in her Closet of Solitude.

She really enjoyed Thanksgiving turkey…on Thursday. By Sunday, she gave it a sniff and looked at me with a “what, are you kidding me?”, look. So she’s back to her regular diet. She’s been putting on a lot of fur for the winter which I find odd as so far it’s been even warmer than last year. I’ve worn a sweater twice I think. I even had the air conditioner on yesterday! Poor kitty is going to have this enormous, thick blanket attached to her and no need for it I’m afraid.

On to the pictures.

Closet of Solitude
Kuroneko picture of the week. I took a surprise pic of her
in her Closet of Solitude. The flash made her eyes look like
she’s full of anti freeze. (Don’t give anti freeze to your pets!)
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week is a Christmasy kitten, via lolcats.

The Pirates of Penzance show us how to walk with cat like tread, (though they don’t seem very quiet to me, get a load of Kevin Kline’s dancing! w00t!)

Please share your kitteh and pet stories with us. We love hearing them. I hope everybody has a wonderful week. Please be sure to set aside some time to spend with the animals who share your life. Feeding them, giving them clean water and making sure they are healthy isn’t enough. We need to let them know they are loved and appreciated too.

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