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Over Easy: Monday Science

Timeless humor

Does anybody remember me?


It is currently 60 degrees in central Ohio on Dec 3 and global warming is still a myth.

Solar power gets cheaper and the price is on a downward slope.

A link in honor of Mike Rowe since the dirty b******s at Discovery Channel cancelled Dirty Jobs. Who says you can’t learn from poo?

Since the Higgs is now boring, the LHC created something new to play with.

Did you hear that the radiation levels in Fuku #3 near the containment hatch have doubled over the last year? Containment hatch failing, maybe? The levels would kill a human within an hour. But not nearly hot enough for the melt to be anywhere the containment hatch. The links in that story are worth clicking as well.

More data supporting my belief that the melts are outside the buildings. It takes a lot of neutrons to make even a little bit of tritium.

Campfires are complicated.

Something to annoy those who don’t accept evolution. Also, the Creation Museum is running a contest. I presume everybody is already entered. The first comment is a classic.

Slime has memory but no brains. No, this is NOT about republicans.

FDL has been REALLY negative on fracking. Turns out we were optimists. Note the references to this published peer reviewed study. Warning: 27 page PDF!

This points out some of the issues with Fusion energy. Primary issue: It has no chance of succeeding in my life time as long as it’s organized as it is. The tech issues, other than disposal, are solvable in time IMO. But I still say we’ve already got a fusion reactor, with a multibillion year history of perfect operation and a few billion years left on the warranty. Just plug in.

We are all New Orleans. This is a report about gulf oil spill damage…in Minnesota. I’m sorry, were you under the impression that the blowout was done leaking? Silly you! I don’t think anybody was under the impression that the disperents helped, but just in case. Bottom line: MUCH worse than the oil. Unless your goal is to keep the damage away from court jursidiction.

This could be a major step forward in battery tech.

To help your memory.


Excellent munchie:

1 package center cut bacon

1 can whole waterchesnuts




Wrap each chesnut with 1/2 strip bacon. Secure with toothpick.

Place on FOIL covered cookie sheet WITH RIM. If you don’t foil, it will be the last time you use that sheet. If if has no rim, the mess at the bottom of your oven will astound you, assuming it doesn’t simply catch fire.

Place in 400 degree over for about 30 minutes. Remove when the bacon is crisp to your liking. The pan will be full of bacon grease, you did remember the rim, right?

Make a dipping sauce consisting of 3/4 ketchup and 1/2 cup sugar and tobasco to taste. You could probably use any BBQ sauce with a high sugar content or you can just add sugar.

Dip the chesnuts into the sauce and return to oven. when the sauce is glazed on (it shouldn’t drip at all), remove. The bacon will not get any crisper once sauced, so don’t worry.Let the sauce harden thoroughly before you remove the foil from the pan, you’re life will be much easier.

Give ’em a moment to cool. If you can. 🙂

Boxturtle (If we banned Mondays, Tuesdays would suck).

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