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Book Salon Preview: The Foreign Policy Auction

Today at 5pm ET/8pm PT

The Foreign Policy Auction

Chat with Ben Freeman about his new book, hosted by Michael Busch.

U.S. foreign policy is being sold; not just altered, shifted, manipulated, or influenced – sold. Every single day the agents of foreign governments work to not only monitor U.S. foreign policy, but to actively change and even create it. They meet with policymakers, donate to their campaigns, write their speeches, and even write legislation. Yet, foreign lobbying garners scant attention, and no book has been written on the subject – until now. Ben Freeman, an expert on foreign influence in U.S. politics, goes inside the seedy underbelly of this half billion dollar foreign lobbying industry. Through exhaustive analysis he shows how foreign money infects the U.S. political process – systematically undermining U.S. foreign policy.

The Foreign Policy Auction is an impassioned expose of an industry whose primary goal is bending U.S. politics to the will of foreign governments. It’s a sobering realization of how foreign policy is actually made in the U.S. The Auction is open, how much will your government cost today?

Ben Freeman is a National Security Investigator at the Project On Government Oversight (POGO). He specializes in analyzing the impact of lobbying by foreign governments on U.S. foreign policy, and Department of Defense acquisition and personnel issues. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, on National Public Radio, and in numerous other media outlets. He has also utilized his expertise testifying before the Senate and as an instructor in the School of Security and Global Studies at American Military University, where he teaches research methods and analytics. Prior to joining POGO, Dr. Freeman earned a Ph.D. in political science from Texas A&M University, where he was also an instructor in the Political Science Department and the Bush School of Government and Public Service. He now spends his days fighting corruption in Washington, D.C. (CreateSpace)

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