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Why are Democrats so rhetorically incompetant?

As it stands today, . . . the consensus framework over the tax revenue debate goes; “Should the 98% get a tax cut while the upper 2% pays higher rates?”


What appears to be on the table is that EVERYONE will continue to get the same Bush era tax cuts, until an individual’s income goes over $250,000. Then, income over $250K will be taxed at a slightly higher rate than the Bush cuts specified.

The rhetoric that BOTH sides are using now strongly implies that the top 2% are losing their tax breaks. Careless wording of the situation lets them insinuate that they are not going to continue to get the tax cuts that everyone will still continue to receive from the Bush cuts.

Their servants in the media are portraying their masters as being singled-out and punished while other citizens continue to benefit from tax cuts.

The fact is that they will not continue to be overly favored by extending the expiring Bush tax cuts into higher brackets that ONLY benefit the very wealthy.

They are fooling plenty of people into partial sympathy by playing themselves as martyrs fighting against a left wing “class warfare” attack.

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