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Sad to see Rolling Stone’s celebratory interview with James Carville

Somewhere inside a palatial ballroom, perhaps even in an undersea location like the Housing TV Cable channel so often portrays, the Four Hundred Ruling Families are clinking their celebratory champagne flutes, and passing the trays of duck pate and caviar.

They are so very happy that they have it figured out. They now know how to bring oligarchy to what was a vibrant democracy a mere fifty years ago. They now know how to destroy the rule of law, eliminate habeus corpus, allow for the highest rate of imprisonment of citizens in any country on the planet, and the whole secret is: make sure you keep the population so afraid of thinking, even for a moment, of any alternative. Oh and the Middle Incomed people? They are all on the same trajectory that the passenger pigeon was on in the late 1800’s.

Now it is possible for the Upper Crust to control and coordinate both Political Parties. They can run X vs Xx, (Where X means total embracing of the dictates of the Upper .01% .) All that is necessary to keep anyone from thinking of anything other than voting for X is to make sure the population is scared shitless over the possible elimination of an inalienable right.

This election cycle, the Powers that Be used Women’s Health as the buffer issue. Next time,
it could be the notion that if you don’t vote for X (or Xx), then there won’t be affordable drinking water.

In any event, all anyone had to do was watch the official debates to see who would win the election. The poor were not mentioned in any of the debates. (I think there may have been one mention in passing of the poor.) The middle class was mentioned less than six times. And Obama let Rmoney know in the very first debate that he was fine with embracing Simpson Bowles.

So in any event, The People at the Top knew that no matter which party’s candidate won the election,
their club Members would be the real winners. And as one of America’s greatest philosophers, one Mr George Carlin, told us: “You and I don’t belong to that club.”

In the Dec 6th, 2012 Rolling Stone interview, Carville was quite gleeful in discussing how the changing demographics in the USA probably guarantee the Democratic Party many many “wins” in upcoming Presidential elections. He states this as though by having appeal for America’s most-desperate-to-be allowed-in to America crowd, the Latino population, that there is proof of the overall decency of the Democratic Party. And I admit, that changing demographic is a reality. As is the Democratic Leaders willingness to take those voters’ needs into consideration.

So that much is true – the fact that every month, another 50,000 Latino citizens become eligible to
vote. This one statistic makes that group important in the overall consideration of whom will win.
To that end, the Democratic Party leaders threw a huge and tasty bone to the Latino crowd, by passing
and implementing “The Dream Act.”

So Latino voters had something to distract them from other events. Many Middle Incomed Americans
were not offered any such tasty bones and distrations. Instead, they faced foreclosure notices sent by
Robo Signing Bank entities, continued low paying jobs, (with far too many applicants vying for any position offered), mandated payments to Big Insurers on account of the “Health Insurance “Reform” Act, etc.

And even the prospects for educating the Middle Incomed tightened. Buried by the election fever that
had paralyzed the news media for some twelve months, was a March 2012 story by USA Today on disastrous
cuts to college budgets. A large number of states face budget deficits so huge that disastrous cuts must happen to the schools system. Yes,from California to Connecticut and places in between, the average HS grad needs either acceptance at some expensive private school, or to find something else to do (like join the military.) In California, there will not be a single applicant allowed to be admitted to the state schools’ system in Spring of 2013.

(So yes, Virginia, there is a “Dream Act” guaranteeing that more people can remain in the USA. But no,
Virginia, the chances to attend college are disappearing as no member of the Political Class actually
intends to spend money on any of the average citizenry, including those who were here for generations, or those who just got in and were hoping the “Dream Act” would help them possess a college education.)

Meanwhile, with the assurance of Obama as President, those in the Elite who are part of the Nuclear
Energy circle are pleased. The 58 billion dollars pledged by Obama to the nuclear power plant industry
will soon come through. This loan will be enabling us in the USA to soon have our own American-Generated Fukushima-style nuke holocaust. Also regarding our energy policy, just yesterday, the Obama Administration let it be known that in December, some 21 million acres of previously untouched Gulf of Mexico seabed will be leased to Big Oil Entities.

And of course under Obama, financial activities will not be about financial restrictions on the Too Big
Too Fail Crowd. The restrictions, including a very needed return of Glass Steagall are not in the offing. So the fact that 49 cents out of every dollar of profit created in the USA ends up with the Top Financial Firms will remain a recurring nightmare for anyone of who is hoping that the Middle Class might regain its footing.

Of course, Carville either ignores the above situations or candy coats them. His take on President
Obama and the “Fiscal Cliff” involves a portrayal of a valiant and brave President attempting to achieve a “needed” balanced budget with a promise of “no” or else a “very small” deficit,” even though that might entail sacrifices from the Middle Incomed and the poor. Carville himself is gallantly hoping that those of us in the Middle Incomed bracket are “smart” enough to understand that once this austerity comes rolling in, the resulting “deficit reduction” will surely allow for a roaring economic recovery to take place. No mention is made by Carville of the 4.7 trillion dollars not even in the budget considerations, but which is apparently secret money loaned by Bernanke to his friends in high places at global financial firms, and which most experts now state will never be repaid. Since the money that needs to be trimmed from our deficit amounts to almost the same figure, any thinking person would imagine a brave and valiant President would immediately be demanding these loan payments

What occurs to me, although it doesn’t seemingly occur to Carville, is the notion that perhaps a President asking for such sacrifices from America’s poor and middle classes is not so much a valiant and brave man, but a person who is bought and paid for. Instead of asking the foreclosed upon, poorly paid Americans who cannot even send their HS children to college, Obama should get back the money his re-appointed “friend” Bernanke siphoned off to the Global elite. He could also stop the wars, the increases to military spending, and his loan contributions to the Nuclear Power Holocaust providers. (If the 58 billions promised to the nuke industry went to state college systems instead, we would see a surge in employment for the states, and things might turn around.)

But I don’t expect Carville to come clean about this situation. This is the same man that Robert Parry spilled the beans on. Carville is the rat bastard, political consultant who went whispering into John Kerry’s ear, the fateful morning after the Nov 2004 election. Carville told Kerry that there simply were not enough uncounted ballots in the state of Ohio to make it worth pursuing a recount. (This was actually a lie – Bush had a 100,000 vote lead, but over 250,000 Ohio ballots remained uncounted.)

For whatever reason, Kerry was convinced by Carville to concede. And thus the nation had some four more years of George W Bush. Carville however, has prospered from this occurrence. No one I know has any doubts at all that should Hillary Clinton run for the Presdiency in 2016, Carville will be her “go to” consultant.

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