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Over Easy, But Heavy on Activism – Tuesday

Good morning everyone. Here is your collection of links for the day.

If you missed RFShunt’s spectacular diary last week, here it is. RFShunt spent a few days in New Jersey helping to clean up after Sandy. Spectacular diary.

A European Union Commission has determined that a complaint against Visa and Mastercard for refusing to process donations to Wikileaks ‘does not merit further investigation’.

Anonymous hacker faces life in prison for hacking Stratfor. Jeremy Hammond has been held for 8 months now without bail, awaiting a Federal trial.

The Supreme Court has declined to hear the State of Illinois appeal to uphold a law that would ban the filming of police officers. Win for activists.

California’s Humboldt State University has launched a research institute with a sole focus of marijuana research. Good on them.

Now for something I discovered yesterday. According to Rolling Stone magazine THIS is the greatest song of all time. Your thoughts?

Have a great day firedogs. See you in the comments.

Photo by Mike Coleman under a Creative Commons license

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