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Medicare Attack #1: Raising the Eligibility Age to 67.

Plouffe has placed Medicare and Medicaid on the chopping block. Senator Durbin is expected to lead on focusing on Medicare and Medicaid as drivers of the deficit. And, he did so here, in a video. He vowed to dismiss the voices from the Left demanding ‘no cuts’.  No one is calling for fewer wars or fewer war planes, shrinking Homeland Security and reducing the nation’s web of spies. It is left to the poor, the elderly and the sick to pick up the slack for the cost of Empire. This is the price of political cowardice, and parasitism by an elite, corrupt class. Insert a photo of a golden calf here, please.

Wall Street is suggesting that Medicare eligibility age be moved to 67 and that 65 and 66 year olds rely on the ACA in 2014 and on employer health insurance. The President was willing to offer raising Medicare age in the 2011 debt ceiling negotiations. Eligibility cuts to Medicare translate into more paying clients forced into the ACA health exchange insurers. Those who propose to raise the age of eligibility for Medicare are using the same dated and incorrect data on life expectancy which they used to raise the eligibility age of Social Security, to rationalize this Medicare money grab.

The Congressional Research Office projects that a single policy through the ACA health care insurance exchanges will have a premium (or cost) of 14.5% to 22% of income for a 60 year old with income of 400-plus-one % of the Federal Poverty Level (above about 43.5K). (The linked pdf has fantastic graphs showing what percentage of income will be extracted from those between 133% and 400% of the FPL. Figure 2, Page 8) For a 60 year old, the low cost area plan is estimated to cost 6,329, the more expensive area plan is $7911, and the estimated premium for a more expensive area is $9494. That would be a range of 14.5 to 22% of that 60 year old’s income. The ACA allows insurers to charge older people three times the rate of younger individuals. That is unaffordable. That means more uninsured older people, more untreated illnesses, more preventable deaths.





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