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Forcing Obama out of Afghanistan is not going to be easy. First off, there’s no antiwar movement.

I was part of the student/civilian anti-war movement that supported and worked with large groups of active duty GIs opposed to the Vietnam war. Those GI groups – GI-Civilian Alliance for Peace and others nationwide – unleashed a torrent of antiwar newspapers likeCounterpoint, Fed Up, the Lewis-McChord Free Press, and G.I. Voice from Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base near Tacoma; the unit newsletters B Troop News and First of the Worst, from Fort Lewis; Sacstrated and Co-Ambulation from Fairchild Air Force Base, near Spokane, WA; Puget Sound Sound Off from Bremerton Naval Yard on the Washington peninsula; and Yah-Hoh, published out of Fort Lewis by a group of radical Native American servicemen.”  antiwar.

There were other groups and underground papers on bases all across the world. The GI underground press was passed hand to hand in huge numbers. Together it changed the character of the US military and the GI’s became openly political, defiantly antiwar and insubordinate.

The huge size of the antiwar movement, the growth of the GI antiwar movement in Vietnam and the heroism and intransigence of the Vietnamese led to rising levels of mutinous incidents from large numbers of fraggings to a marked “screw the orders, go slow and save lives” attitude that disrupted Pentagon in Vietnam. That was a key factor in finally forcing Nixon and his generals and admirals into humiliating retreat. 

Iraq and Afghanistan are different. They’re volunteers, many joining to escape the violence of poverty and unemployment and are victims like the civilians they murder. Many of them, instead of taking out their rage fragging officers take it out on innocent civilians, including the murder of chilling numbers of children, perhaps emulating the racist mass murder of children by Bill Clinton and his embargo of food, medicine and sanitary supplies.

I’m all for encouraging GI’s to get out asap and discouraging anyone else from joining Murder Inc., but I fail to see the point of doing anything that would make them not look like what they are. They are viscous foreign invaders inflicting massive causalities on civilians, and that includes medical staff and ‘community’ relations workers. And, in addition they are themselves victims of Obama’s criminal, racist wars from Libya and Palestine to Afghanistan and Pakistan. The decent ones, like Brad Manning and the women and men of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) and other vets groups are an encouraging development but it hasn’t spread to the battlefield units as much as it did during Vietnam.

In the absence of a large civilian antiwar movement – liberals consistently betray and abandon antiwar activity in order to build the Obama campaign –  and the extremely reactionary character of the islamist cultists who control the insurgents, this war likely won’t end on the Vietnam model. What will end this war is the ongoing deterioration of the American economy and the ongoing resistance economic decline, Obama’s imposed austerity and the ongoing mass radicalization of working people.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue