I have been making similar noises of an impending apocalyptic cataclysmic future eventuality for some time. I think I received the initial premonition approximately that fateful night when I rented “The Road.” But, I digress.

I don’t think we’re quite that far gone yet although certain telltale signs are forming at the nexus of overpopulation and the success of global capitalism, rather than its failure. Human nature is to wait it out, no matter what “it” is, hoping upon hope that things will improve.

And then we die.

Good luck, kids. Have a real nice life.

Human nature of course hasn’t been entirely eradicated in this, the age of the infoboobtubes. OK, maybe just the healthier, productive, physically active parts have been eradicated. If anything, our humanness, with its attendant strengths and weaknesses has merely been sped up and maybe made a tad bit more reactionary as we are deluged daily, hourly, minutely with so much more information then ever before, so much that we can no longer determine what is a fact from what is an opinion. Wise is the female troll who once said (actually it was like two nights ago) what passes for fact these days is merely someone’s opinion with which we happen to agree. (h/t Margaret).

You heard it here first: there won’t be any significant sociopolitical change of a revolutionary nature until the “shit hits the fan” (technical term).

And I mean, really hits the fan, not the play pretend scary monster stories people just love to blog on and on about, especially after we see one at the movies. Why, listening to many people these days, it’s as if this age we’re living through is as bad, nay worse! then the 1930s. Sheesh. My 86 years-old father, still of lucid mind and physically robust (he was a blue collar guy all his working life) begs to differ with anyone who wishes to state such a claim to his face.

Go ahead, I dare you.


Decline, yes, certainly, but I don’t see the Fall of Rome on the horizen, not until something major breaks down, an immense calamity, convulsing large sections of the civilised world (which lets, face it, is more largely advanced in more places today than ever).

Nothing truly catastrophic, like say, someone cutting the umbilical chord and rendering us all unable to ever again power on our laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Mostly, people on the internet tend to get caught up in our own little melodramatic echo chambers, keep upping the ante of gloom and doom, generalising broadly each slight bit of bad news and never ever seeing anything positive within our little games and soon enough, viola, the world outside looks as if it is about to come crashing down upon our heads this very next second. Coming right up. Just ahead. As soon as I finish this dairy.

BTW, the Morsi thingie in Egypt actually looks like an overall positive development from where I sit in the Jean Baptiste Clamence Chair of Herstorical Opinion here at Hamsher University. Worst case scenario, Morsi pulls a coup d’etat, ala Mubarak but with his heart and mind set on Islam instead of propping up the decadent West. From an infantile leftist perspective, where we tend to view every single world event as if it were the culmination of a global conspiracy controlled by an Obamabotic corporatist cabal of Romneyesque bogeymen, we can’t have it both ways. Even if (big if) Morsi immediately starts beheading his political opponents one by one this very night, how can the left then be disappointed with his becoming the newly ordained counterweight to, rather than a puppet of, the US/Israel?

(Quick, consult Pepe Escobar Webster Tarpley ASAP! I’m sure he’s already come up with something or other)

Still, counter-revolutions and reactionary trends are de rigeur within every revolutionary moment and the “final-final” generally takes years, sometimes decades to evolve, or devolve, as the case may be. Today’s internet jockey always expects the race will be run as swiftly as a 4G connection in a straight line allows and that the result will always be clean, quick, perfect, immaculate.

Just like the birth of the baby Jesus, in whom the internet jockey so fervently disbelieves.

Except, then, when the actual reality of the revolution isn’t any of these things, of course, well, that’s just one more grist for the return to the grim but always “necessary” doomsday blogging mill.

It’s a vicious cycle. Our human natures demand it.