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Sunday Late Night: Look Who Has a Middle East Opinion!

Condoleezza Rice greeting Henry Kissinger

Amazingly, Condoleezza Rice is unashamed to submit an Opinion piece for publication in this morning’s Washington Post — regarding the Middle East. I mean, I would attend to this woman’s opinion on dominatrix boots and dinner-party gaffes, but whatever she has to say about the Middle East can be burned with yesterday’s trash.

She is, after all, the person who used the threat of a mushroom cloud to engage history’s most fearsome war machine to drive our purported enemy into the arms of our other purported enemy, while allowing our actual enemy to go free until her predecessor was in office. Rice, though, is unashamed to designate yet another country “central to holding together the Middle East.” And her opinion is, apparently, treated seriously in The Village. Serious enough to merit an op-ed in The Post.

This is wrong.

Nothing this woman has ever said about the Middle East has proven true. She is wrong as wrong can be. And the more her views are treated seriously, the less likely it is that she’ll get the war criminal treatment she deserves at The Hague. Slowly, before our very eyes, she is morphing into the kind of Foreign Policy Icon that Colin Powell has wrongly been allowed to become. Soon, Democratic hawks will seek her advice and endorsement.

Just read this nonsense and tell me what the point is:

As Syria crumbles, Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds are being drawn into a regional web of sectarian allegiances. Karl Marx once called on workers of the world to unite across national boundaries. He told them that they had more in common with each other than with the ruling classes that oppressed them in the name of nationalism. Marx exhorted workers to throw off the “false consciousness” of national identity.

Today’s Karl Marx is Iran. It envisions the spread of its influence among Shiites, uniting them under the theocratic flag of Tehran — destroying the integrity of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Lebanon. Iran uses terrorist groups, Hezbollah and the Shiite militias in southern Iraq to do its bidding. Syria is the linchpin, the bridge into the Arab Middle East.

And whose fault is that, Condi? Groucho Marx, not Karl, is more like it. This idiocy from the woman who served in the Administration that won the Iraq War. You know, the war than enabled all this Iranian influence she now decries?

She is dangerous, she is delusional, she is not credible.

America must shun her. Let her peddle her monstrous game theories about the Marx Brothers elsewhere. But America can’t be led astray by the likes of Condi Rice again. The neocon era has ended, and hers with it. Goodbye, Condi — take your tired theories and go home.

To your husb — to President Bush.

Photo by World Economic Forum under Creative Commons license.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge