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Apple pie and kill the gays…

The ‘Kill the Gays Bill’ is the brainchild of American religious scum like Scott Lively and Obama BBFs Rick Warren and Donnie McClurkin and similar religious scum associated with Bush. Their paid operatives, along with islamist, roman catholic and anglo-catholic agents criss-cross Africa with their message of hate and promotion of violence against GLBT folks and women.

The bill originated in US right wing religious circles. All US anti-gay christer groups operating in African nations should be indicted under the Logan Act. Warren, McClurkin Scott Lively are terrorists and criminals. Donnie McClurkin, an early Obama supporter, is pushing his anti-GLBT hatred in South Africa where lesbians in particular are targeted for rape and murder. So is Obama’s other BBF, Rick Warren.

It’s no secret, of course, that there are strong and growing links between American and African conservatives. Rick Warren has been deeply involved in planting churches in Africa and mentoring African preachers” Many rightwing African governments who have a neo-colonial status with  England and the US welcome christer penetration and military aid to shore up thier rule. “Since the late 1990s, the Anglican archbishops of Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria, and presidents Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and Sam Nujoma of Namibia have all used homosexuality to distract people from the issues facing their countries and churches by claiming that homosexuals are responsible for moral decay in Africa…”  We’re being use to scapegoat the failure of pro-American governments to govern well. Above quotes from

Rick Warren’s cult spends millions in Africa to promote the spread of HIV by promoting abstinence. Kampala used to be dotted by billboards promoting condom use. They’re torn down, replaced by billboards promoting virginity, ‘faithfulness’ and abstinence. McClurkin and Warren share Obama and Hillary Clintons’ bigotry regarding marriage equality in all states. As a result neither they or Lively have been indicted on federal charges of interfering in the internal affairs of foreign countries.

Ultimately, the example provided by Bush and Obama’s mass murder of civilians in Afghanistan and Pakistan is the origin of much of this violence as did his example in Iraq where GLBT folks in US occupied Iraq are routinely murdered by US armed and trained sunni ‘police’ and shiite jihadists.  

As for the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans folk endangered by Obama’s occupation of Afghanistan and by American cultists in Africa we should insist that Obama and H. Clinton do what they can to protect victims of US homophobes by:

1 – Opening all US military and diplomatic installations to give unlimited protection to our GLBT brothers and sisters.

2 – Offer unlimited asylum with necessary financial aid to those endangered by US polices and US cultists.

3 – Continue humanitarian aid and cut military aid to African governments. Withdraw all US military forces from Uganda (and all African states) so they can’t visit a second genocide on the people of Uganda.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue