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The phenomenon known as ‘Brown Friday’ – bathroom breaks on the sales floor

What is wrong with people? It’s bad enough that people stampede stores looking for bargains, but I had not heard about shoppers engaging in crapping-as-aggression  in stores (and not in the loo). Reporter David Ferguson worked in retail (Gap and Borders Books) and decided to pull the curtain back on the continued de-evolution of American behavior in stores.

With depressing frequency, often during the busiest and most hectic times of the year — Black Friday weekend and the weeks before Christmas — sales employees or managers will open a fitting room door, or brush aside a pile of clothes to find that some shopper, large or small, has defecated and left the results behind.

Some of the stories are just jaw-dropping. At an Athens, Georgia Old Navy, one of the sales associates was working on the Saturday after Black Friday which meant cleaning up piles of clothes that mad-dog shoppers simply left around the store, near racks, and in dressing rooms. One pile of clothes was so high, according to employee Amanda Atkinson, that people could have slept on it. But there was more than clothes there…

As she dug deeper into the pile, the first thing that hit her was the smell.

“Somebody had gone out of their way to stuff into the very center of the pile, not the bottom, mind you, but the dead center of the pile, a shitty diaper,” she said. “To the point that we couldn’t do anything with the clothes, we had to throw it all out. We couldn’t even go through the clothes and see what we were throwing out because it was just too much of a biohazard. We just threw it all in trash bags and took it outside.”

A mental health professional was shocked at the phenomenon and tried to explain it.

Raw Story contacted psychologist Jeanne Dugas to find out if perhaps this phenomenon is among the panoply of recognized human fetishes, if maybe the desire to shit undetected in a public place is akin to the thrill that some people get from having sex in a location where they might get caught. In fact, it was the first time she had ever heard of the practice.

“They do what?” she asked. “Really?”

She said that the most charitable explanation she could offer would be that they were unable to make it to the rest room in time to get back for a particular sale item, or maybe they just weren’t up to the fight through the throng of holiday shoppers. To her, however, the acts sound more like aggression. “I mean, it is, literally, ‘dumping’ on the store,” she said.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding