Is that the Strawman King Glenn Greenwald wiping turkey egg off his face after his recent Guardian “commentaries” regarding US warmongering with Israel against Palestine?

Where is your update Glenn? At Salon weren’t you also the update king?

Was it correct what I read that while 73% of Israelis favoured the Gaza attack 70% of Israelis opposed it, the people of Gaza consider the ceasefire a victory for Hamas?

Would Romney have allowed a victory for Hamas?

Did the Arab Spring just pay its first dividend?

Will neoconservative friends of Israel continue to decry the loss of Mubarak’s military dictatorship and its replacement with a democratically elected “islamist?”?

Will the infantile left continue to support the dictatorial status quo in the Middle East? Assad? Iran? Russia Today?

Will the ceasefire now be spun by the infantile left as a defeat for Obama whether it holds or whether it falters?

Where was Iran’s leadership in the ceasefire process?

Did Obama show a lack of leadership in requesting Morsi take the lead in mediating the ceasefire?

Would GOP uniparty diplomacy have done this?

Would GOP uniparty diplomacy have checked Bibi’s ground invasion at the door then turned this moment towards pushing islamist Egypt to the fore? Then urged immediate discussions with Israel towards easing the blockade?

Would Secretary of State John Bolton have been in Cairo with Morsi to announce the ceasefire?

Is today really the 49th anniversary of the American coup d’etat?