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A Very Special Thursday Night Basset Blogging

It was brought to my attention by our very thoughtful veterinarian that Young Master Wembley turned THREE YEARS OLD this past Tuesday, so I thought for this edition of Thursday Night Basset Blogging we would have a Wembley retrospective, because obviously you are on the computer on Thanksgiving instead of being fake social with relatives you only tolerate because your mom tells you to “be nice” and “…don’t ruin everything. Again.”.

Starting with Wembley’s mugshot, which is how we picked him out of a line-up of adorable basset puppies:

The rest of the pictures are below the fold and all are expandable with the clicky-clicky

Here is poorly-assembled Ikea wait-that-doesn’t look-right Wembley

Here is hippy-stoner I-voted-for-Jill-Stein Wembley

Here is I’m Ready For My Close-Up Wembley (w/ bonus Fenway cameo appearance)

Here is Beach Blanket Bingo Basset Wembley

Here is Adolescent Wembley

…and here is modern day distinguished young man-about-town Wembley

You may now go back for seconds…


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