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Abbas Refuses Obama’s Request to Delay Gaza UN Application: Pillar of Defense Begins

A year ago, the Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas sought full U.N. membership for the Gaza strip but the effort was blocked by the Obama administration, which threatened to use its veto power in the Security Council.

Faced with starvation due to the six-year Israeli blockade of the region, the Palestinian Authority President stated he would seek elevated UN status from observer entity to nonmember status at the United Nations on November 29th.  This would allow the Palestinian Authority to join the International Criminal Court, which has previously rejected their complaints of war crimes and an illegal blockade against Israel.

A call from President Obama over the weekend of November 10-11th to the President of the Palestinian Authority isn’t successful in halting the bid.  Next, the U.S. and Israel issue threats of financial sanctions against Gaza, such as withholding Gaza tax revenues if the President of the Palestinian Authority proceeds with the UN application.  Israel and the US begin unsuccessful lobbying of European Nations to reject the Palestinian Authority bid.  Only the Netherlands comes out in favor of blocking the Gaza bid.  President Abbas hold firm.

At the same, Hamas begins hitting Southern Israel with rockets on a daily basis   Some interpret this as Hamas seeing an opportunity to increase its power over Gaza relative to that of the Palestinian Authority.

November 14th

Israeli newspapers state that Israel will topple the President of the Palestinian Authority over his attempt to obtain nonmember UN status.

Reuters reports Israel is also considering breaking the 1993 Oslo accords that established Gaza. Reuters quotes Israeli Finance Minister admitting that the bid for U.N. status is perceived to be as big a threat to Israel as the rockets. Palestinian organizations have been protesting U.S. and Israeli attempts to block of the bid.

On the same day, Militant Hamas leader Ahmed el-Jabar is killed in an Israeli air-strike.

On the same day, Palestinians say 15 are dead and 118 are wounded in 20 attacks along the Gaza strip as part of what Israel refers to as operation “Pillar of Defense” or “Pillar of Cloud.”

November 15th

The US press claims the blame lies with the Palestinians.

For a more updated and detailed time line, click here.  However, IMO you just learned what you really need to know about the current conflict.

With the cease fire, President Obama thanked Israel and Egypt for their willingness to work with Hamas.   However, there were no thanks or mention of President Abbas.


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