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Sadistic, Deranged Internet Predator Neal Rauhauser’s New Hoax

*** The original, unedited version of this entry can be read at DFQ2. This entry will also contain original material. Though don’t get too excited. It will be of the mailed-in variety. ***

Greetings to the good people of the Velvet Revolution

Lovely and talented Rebecca Schoenkopf of apparently got the scoop. No one does snark better than her.

I won’t go into details of what the hoax was since that is readily available. I will say it has all the stink of the election fraud hoaxes Brad Friedman has been pumping out since late 2004.

BradBlog has been the public face and co-founder of Brett Kimberlin’s Velvet Revolution. Anything put out by VR is thus owned by Brad and not simply by the man who lied over and over again at my hearing in November 2011. Rauhauser has been an associate of Kimberlin’s for quite some time.

While Brad’s Velvet Revolution has covered this nonsense, he is busy playing dumb over at



Brad: Yup. Saw it. Without being able to authenticate any of it, frankly, I’m loathe to give it much credence. Make of it what you will.

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Wow! 1watt’s link is to a cross-post of an article from Brad Friedman’s Velvet Revolution. VR claims it is taking the Anonymous story at face value. Here are two money quotes from the original article.

[in reference to the “Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove” hoax] Karl Rove has a history of rigging elections going back several decades, including in 2004 when he orchestrated a man-in-the-middle attack to change the votes from Ohio….

Based on our experience and the supporting evidence, we take the letter from “The Protectors” at face value. Karl Rove had the means, motive, experience and opportunity to do whatever it took to win the election for his clients. If he, in fact, intended to use improper and illegal means to digitally manipulate the election, and white hat cyber sleuths who stopped it discovered that, then that is a good thing. We hope that those cyber sleuths will provide that evidence to the FBI, post it publicly or send it to us to do so.

Neal Rauhauser co-opted Anonymous. One Twitter account many believe is Neal is @AnonyOps. As I pen the roughdraft for this mailed-in entry, that username has 187,940 followers. It has on many occasions backed Rauhauser’s agenda. Internet journalist Ron Brynaert can vouch for all of this. Anyway, in recent days @AnonyOps has pimped Neal’s “Rove Orca-Romney: The fix was in, Anonymous prevented it” bullshite. Real Anonymous would never have anything to do with the crap Neal pushes. Bet. On. It.

The name Neal Rauhauser probably sounds very familiar to you delightful people from FDL. I’m sure y’all remember the Project Vigilant diary fiasco. You might also recall his good buddy Chet Uber also stinking up this wonderful blog. Maybe someone can add the link to Uber’s FDL “contribution.” Did he scrub it like Neal did? I can’t remember.

I do recall there were two diaries Neal wrote at another blog which spelled out his disgusting, internet predator strategies. Neal is notorious for scrubbing. But those can still be read through

Organized Intimidation? Ambush Time. by: StrandedWind Sun Aug 29, 2010

Social Media’s Neighborhood Watch by: StrandedWind Tue Aug 31, 2010

Let’s get back to the new hoax. What was Neal’s motive for such a retarded undertaking?

Basically, it was meant to help rebuild Velvet Revolution’s image as being part and parcel of Anonymous and OWS. Another reason behind it was to rehabilitate Velvet Revolution’s forever tarnished image of being an authentic, election fraud whistleblower.

Even Neal is backing off from it.

None of what I received in September mentioned ORCA at all, so I am waiting for The Protectors to produce something concrete there. The first I ever heard the name was when I saw the Anon Rove Letter.

The Rove freakout after the poll closure? Called in advance. The timing, the very same minute as the Ohio 2004 system crash? I assume that was adding insult to injury.

So why is ORCA mentioned? It’s either real, and something will be forthcoming, or it was thrown in at the last minute because it was notable. Who ever did these things is a card shark. If Rove & Co. deny they had any trouble, this will inflame their paranoid, conspiratorial followers who are already spinning wild conspiracy theories. If they agree, the investigation finds what it finds, and that gets ugly really fast…

Translation: It would take too much effort to bring this one up a notch like done with my Weinergate hoax. Not only that, respected blogger Rebecca Schoenkopf has already mocked the f&$% out of this. My friends and sock puppets at Democratic Underground, Daily Kos, and elsewhere are no longer believable. In my own deranged mind, I thought this one would work. Too bad Ron, socrates, and donkeytale make me look like the loser I am. Darn, I wish I could time travel and have never attached my predator name to this hoax. Yeah, this one was too retarded to ever pass muster. What was I thinking? I can’t even use the lulz defense. I will simply attempt to make it seem I got hoodwinked.

Rauhauser Hoax Methodology in a Nutshell

There was a hack and subsequent uploading by Anonymous close to a few years back of internal documents of Aaron Barr and his HBGary people. That’s when Neal’s Team Breitbart nonsense was transformed into the Kookpocalyse hoax.

To paraphrase, one thing Barr wrote was, “Let’s look into this Brett Kimberlin person. We could do a lot with that.”

Rauhauser’s cheesy hoax claimed that myself, Mandy Nagy, and Patrick Frey et al were the descendants of Barr’s “Team Themis.” Rauhauser and Kimberlin, who are proven associates, have wanted folks to believe they are a big opposition against Breitbart people, HBGary and are part and parcel of Anonymous and Occupy Wall Street. However, VR has tried but ultimately failed to portray itself as the protector of election integrity.

It is not within the scope of this entry to delve into too much. That would take a couple hundred pages. I understand that to many this is inside baseball. For those following it, you know exactly what’s going on.

This new hoax has basically claimed that Anonymous prevented Karl Rove from stealing the election from Obama. The hoax letter was directed to the “good people of the Velvet Revolution.”

One of my big schticks pertained to exposing the “Michael Connell threatened by Karl Rove” hoax for the fiction it was. Connell died in an unfortunate, small airplane crash attributed to inclement weather. He was GW’s IT guy. That wasn’t all I blogged on that upset Bwett. Another thing I did was ensure exposure of his double secret exoneration lie.

Donkeytale recommended that I cut out a lot of my Gonzo-styled involvement in this article. Pardon my indulgence with the above paragraph. I did edit out a lot of stuff he said would alienate you wicked awesome lefties.

Aaah, I almost forgot. There is a recent civil case underway in Virginia with Aaron Walker suing Neal, Brett Kimberlin, and Ron Brynaert. This link will take you to some court documents which seem to show that Neal and Ron are days away from being handed a default loss.

I don’t know about that but within the documents, I noticed a nugget. On page three item four, it appears that Neal Rauhauser lives with his mom. I’d love to make a crack about him living in the basement with cheetoh juice running down his shirt. I actually don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone living with family. For all we know, the bugger is actually doing one positive thing with his life by taking care of her.

I do agree with donkeytale that if there were two people in the world FDL’ers despise more than himself, it is Rauhauser and Uber for having left turd droppings all over this fine establishment. Then to make matters worse, they went to the scrub brush.


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