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Progressive groups are ready to dive right in and support Obama’s fiscal agenda… are you?

Well, are you?

It’s a good question, but it’s also one where you will want to be very careful in just how you answer it.

Just as his administration has done several times before the Obama administration will soon be urging you to call your political representatives in support of his agenda.

And the Obama administration will ask you to repeat a carefully-phrased and innocuously generic statement to the operators that take your calls.

And if you just docilely recite whatever it is you’re told, whether it’s something like “I support the Obama tax plan!” or perhaps something like “Please vote for House Bill BR-549 then you might be very surprised later on to learn that not only were you supporting the “end of the tax cuts on people earning over $250,000″…

…. but you will also be on the record as supporting Obama’s cutting and crippling of the social safety net, including Social Security and Medicare, all so that our wise and benevolent elites can move in and finish them off at their leisure.

The details will vary but this tactic worked well for the Obama administration before and they will certainly use it again.

So, given the Obama administration’s well-documented history in this regard, it would seem to be wise for any individual or group to temper any expression of support for any Obama fiscal policy by insisting on a simple addendum such as “And no cuts to SS or Medicare!”

Of course such addenda and codicils will have to be constantly updated and amended as the administration tries to dance around them…

… and such insistence might not be too well received by the “progressive groups” that will have already lined up their memberships in the veal pen for the slaughter.

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