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Pull Up Your Cat

Good morning! When your owners have decided that they are through having you feed and admire them, pull them up right here for some kitty pictures and stories.

Really nothing to report here. Kuroneko has finally gotten used to the new side on my sofa and she’s starting to use it to scratch, which is great as that was the intention of doing it to begin with.

I always worry when it’s cold outside because I don’t like leaving the furnace on when I’m at work but I can’t leave her to be cold all day while I’m away. It’s an electric furnace though so I suppose that it’s no more likely to catch fire than any other electric appliance. The best I can do is keep the filter changed and try not to be such a worry wart. I sometimes make a nest for her with blankets but she never uses it, preferring to do her own nesting.

I have a request for our community: I’m hoping OmAli will stop by because I tried to email her a few weeks ago to help support Richard’s cats but the email bounced back at me. I’m not sure if I copied it wrong or what but maybe I can get one of you who knows my own email to give me her contact information? Thanks a bunch!

On to this week’s pic of the pics!
Check out this video of, (not actually), Swedish skydiving cats. Meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwww!

Neko watches the cursor
Kuroneko picture of the week: Kuroneko sometimes finds that little arrow thingy that moves on the screen fascinating.
This week’s obligatory cute kitten picture is a two-fer. The tortie makes me think of Richard for some reason. Awwww. Via lolcats.

I hope everybody has a wonderful week. It’s Thanksgiving so make sure your pets are safe if you have a houseful of people or are traveling but above all, have a safe and happy one. Whatever your plans, please be sure to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share your life. They are simply devoted to us and we owe it to them to treat them like the monarchs they are.

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