An aid tent erected by the Red Crescent sits along Benghazi's corniche road.


You can call me crazy – call me irresponsible – even call me late for dinner – but I don’t think I’m wrong about this ~


Lately, the Republicans have been nearly losing what’s left of their collective pod-like minds over the supposed cover-up of the attack on theU.S.embassy inBenghazi.  What did the Ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice know, and when did she know it?  And if she did know it, is she stupid and incompetent or is she lying?  That’s about the gist of it…or, something like that.


Whatever’s been going on regardingBenghazi, it’s certainly the most scurrilous of duplicitous behaviors known to this country.  “Off with their heads,” the GOP shouts!


Now, of course, this whole Benghaziattack question is nothing new.  Ryan and Romney were all over this baby during the election like an oil slick coating the waters of the Gulf.  Oh, lordy – how could anyone in their right mind even think to rehire Obama as president after his complete bungling of, and his remarks made about, this most extraordinarily monstrous and unprecedented attack in Benghazi.


Call me misinformed, but I’m pretty sure that after the original September 11th attack, the Republicans didn’t even want to hold hearings of any kind in order to sort through the failures of the intelligence community or the president and his administration.


AndIraq?  A lie turned into a war that destroyed thousands of lives and costs a trillion or two – but who the hell needs any real investigation into that fiasco.  And it wasn’t even just the GOP playing deaf, dumb and blind – because I don’t remember much from the Democrats on either of those two issues either.  And please don’t get me started onAfghanistanor I’ll be here all day.


But still, four Americans died inBenghazi.  Four Americans are dead, for god’s sake!  And the sky is now falling, according to these highly educated and professional people.  Amid these outraged cries, the credulous media is reporting every detail of this ongoing seismic event, endlessly and breathlessly.


But, I got news for all of those enthralled by this story — no one cares.  Yeah, you got that right — no one cares.  The American public didn’t much care about it after it happened, didn’t care about it during the election, and sure as shootin’, don’t care about it now.  And, I hate to break it to these fonts of gravitas – but Americans die every single day – it’s not that much of an unprecedented event.


I’m quite certain that the people who knew the four folks who were killed care very deeply, as they naturally would.  But as far as the rest of the country, no one is thinking about what happened or about those that died – not one whit.  And anyone who says they are is lying.


So many people die ever day – guns, illness, accidents, suicide – just to name a few causes of premature death.  And for years now, people have been dropping like flies all over the world – quite a few of them at the hands of theU.S.military.  Anyone think about those people lately?   Who has time or the emotional capacity to invest any feeling at all in all these anonymous people?


And honestly, if a person is working in some dangerous or unstable place in the world – they’re kind of accepting serious risk as part of their job description.  Or if you decide to go skydiving and your chute doesn’t open.  If I hear about it, I’ll think – “Oh, man!  What a lousy way to go.  Poor bastard.”  But do I care?  No, not really.  I don’t know you, and besides, you took on that risk knowing there was a chance you wouldn’t land safely.  Same goes for these diplomatic types.  Sure, it’s a shame – but I don’t really care.  It’s sort of part of the package you voluntarily took on.


And before you think I’m a cold, heartless monster – which I might not be able to dissuade you of no matter what I say – I’ll say that I do feel genuine sadness when I hear about a stranger’s death from an illness or an accident – as I’m sure many people do.  There’s something in those tragic moments that can evoke a deep sense of empathy, community and brotherhood, if you will.  But this situation is not one of those moments.  And if it even initially produced some genuine feeling of grief or horror – it’s long since passed.  We’ve moved on.  Time to stuff the Thanksgiving turkey.


When it comes to thisBenghazithing – I bet if you stopped twenty random people on the street and asked them if they knew whereBenghaziwas – they’d direct you to the nearest Benihana.  They have no clue and they do not care.  Like I said, I don’t even care and I’m a very compassionate, empathetic and kind-hearted person (if you don’t irritate the bejesus out of me first), who happens to know whereBenghaziis.


This is just another opportunity for these fools to open their mouths and let the hot air out so that they don’t spontaneously combust. Or to play their stupid, childish and inane political games – it’s getting real old, fellas.  Or maybe it’s to distract us from the economic pain they’re about to collectively inflict.  In any event, no one cares.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Now, pass the cranberry sauce.

Photo from Al Jazeera English licensed under Creative Commons

Kate Flannery

Kate Flannery