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Come Saturday Morning: Michele Bachmann’s Pals Pushing Anti-Agenda-21 and Delphi Piffle

Admit it: Many of y’all, after reading this piece by TBogg on the disordered-mind-born Agenda 21 and Delphi ravings of one Field Searcy (a guy so bonkers he was kicked out of the Georgia Tea Party for being too paranoid), wondered something like this: “Damn, this shit be so wack our homegirl Chellie Bachmann gots to have her grille all up in it!” For indeed, gentle reader, she does, oh yes she does — at least, some of her closest confederates do.

Let Bluestem Prairie’s Sally Jo Sorensen, that most intrepid guide into the hearts of darkness of Michele Bachmann and other Tea Party stalwarts, explain:

Warnings against the Delphi Technique? Where had Bluestem seen that before?  Oh yes: the Maple River Education Coalition–founded by Michele Bachmann associates Julie Quist and Renee Doyle–had published a handy guide to resisting the mind-control technique.  It’s by none other than leading John Birch Society thinker John A. Stormer, condensed from his book, None Dare Call it Education.

Check it out:

Maple River’s Delphi Technique’s Warning

The Maple River Education Coalition was founded in 1998, but it didn’t keep that name: It eventually became “EdWatch”, and it was as EdWatch that it helped launch Michele Bachmann’s political career. It allegedly folded in 2010, but it didn’t so much “fold” as it morphed into yet another group, Education Liberty Watch. No matter what names it carries, its goals seem to be the same: boost guns, oppose gays, and kick the Federal government out of local education.

It turns out that EdWatch’s president in 2010, Renee Doyle, is a legislative assistant on Bachmann’s congressional staff. Oh, and Julie Quist, one of Maple River/EdWatch/Education Liberty Watch’s original founders? Not only does she have a long association with Bachmann, but she’s had an even longer association — being his second wife and all — with Allen Quist, the Man from Norseland who you will know by his trail of dead campaigns, the most recent being his loss to Tim Walz this year. But even though Quist lost his most recent race, anti-Agenda-21 nutter enabler Cindy Pugh won hers, and may well work to keep the Bircher flames burning brightly in the Minnesota legislature even as the Republicans that fan them find themselves once again in the minority caucus.

Go read Sorensen’s pieces, here and here, for all the deets. The whole story is just jaw-dropping.

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