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Over Easy — Friday Free for All

Photo by Rich Kaszeta under Creative Commons license.

Good Friday morning, Firepups. Fridays will be a grab bag of what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been mulling over, an occasional rant, current events, and a standing invitation to put in your two cents. As our Suzanne likes to say at Late Late Night, “Off topic IS the topic” — so come join in.

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

A choice that men will never have to make.

Matt Taibbi — always worth reading!

Helen visits the zoo at Fox News and tells Margaret all about it. The animals are in cages and not so scary.

Apparently Facebook wants to organise our relationships. What could possibly go wrong?

My local classical station starts playing Christmas music at Thanksgiving and then plays it exclusively starting about two weeks before the holiday. I’ve written them to suggest that many in their listening audience don’t celebrate Christmas (Muslims, Jews, etc.) and might like some variety, but I got a polite lame response and they continue. They still play Christmas music after Christmas until at least New Years. And Kohl’s started playing Christmas music in their stores on November 1st. I am sick of it already!! (I told you there might be a rant!)

Nordstrom has the right idea! They post this sign in their store windows at this time of year.

My recollection is that they curtain their store windows and “unveil” them that Friday morning. As you might expect, they’re usually lovely.

I’m having a toasted Asiago cheese bagel with a generous schmear. What’s your pleasure this morning?

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