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Duckin’ the Line…


Little ducklings we are, waddling the line, quacking here and there, yet still following in a perfect line, as though our only purpose in life was to follow this line until the very end. How many of you have questioned the true nature of humanity? Where did we come from, what is our history, why are we here? Questions that as of now, are unanswered, not because we haven’t figured it out, but because we have yet to ask and seek the truth. Why are we scared to understand that this reality that is being formed for us, through control, is not real and is in direct conflict with our true nature, our true harmony?

I believe one of the major blocks that we have all downloaded into our minds is that our government and its control structure is the only way to navigate this universe. There are so many people, and since there’s so many people, we must, must be governed, we must have some kind of shepard to keep all those OTHERS in line. This is planted through a seed of fear. Our souls wander throughout the crowded streets without looking sideways, up or down…instead we are directed by this control structure through road blocks and detours that have already been planned.

Think of it as a marathon, if you want to get your picture and your award, you have to go through this maze, in this direction….I would love to see the beginning of the Boston marathon, where thousands take off at the start, all looking down at their watches, syncing up, and then one lone runner, in a duck outfit, turns the opposite direction and waddles his or her own marathon in the exact opposite direction of the masses….

Tesla said something that may or may not resonate, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

So my little duckling…..where have you waddled off to?

Amazing to think that most of what we see and hear can be attributed to 1% of the entire spectrum. Also amazing to think that the universe is 99% “space,” and yet in our physical form and limited understanding due to our egoistic mind cancers, we focus on the 1% that we can measure and test. What if that other dark 99% had more of the truth in it than what you’re scraping off with your knife? Serving out to others as the truth or whatever you want to believe. And to me this is freedom, to be able to believe whatever the hell you want. Period. Our brains are antennas picking up on frequencies that are buzzing around the universe at unknown speeds.

Getting a patent for a seed is like getting a patent for an idea. If we really break it down, how can you prove beyond a doubt, that you are the sole creator of this idea? Where did it come from?? How can we be sure?? “It just came to me….” Through a vision, through a dream, it just came to me….In utter amazement I’m astounded to the fact that we haven’t created a device that can track thoughts and its origination. Especially in this day of ownership and mental property.

I don’t need any more stories, any more “evidence” of how broke the system is, either financially or functionally, because to me, those that designed this monetary enslavement have designed a perfect little system with the help of mind controlling mechanisms and the use of divisive tactics. Their monetary system is working just as it has been designed, blow the bubble, pop the bubble, rake in profits on both sides, buy up all the other smaller companies for a penny on the proverbial dollar, rinse repeat, rinse….repeat? And yet we still argue over blue and red and “human rights.” HAAAA. Please tell me what’s going to change if you keep barking up that tree without understanding how all these divisive techniques work and how they are FUNDED.

Maybe it’s time to withdraw the money system in its entirety? Open up all the doors to all technologies that all governments have, create a database for all technology, all information that can be found freely. A website where you can investigate your true passions without the need for any “capital” injections or addictions….Imagine that, not having to make money in order to live…..and this is along the vein of freedom, in my eyes.

I wonder how many people have actually questioned the money system? Why do we defend something that we have no clue as to its function or beneficiary? Maybe we were just born and bred that way….but alas, as the little ducks we are, we have a choice where we walk, we have a choice what kind of song we sing, and that to me is freedom.

When I tell you to dream a different dream, it means to dream along the lines of harmony in which you’re hardwired for, dare I ask you to speak with your local hippy today? Break all barriers of your enslaved mind and understand nothing, simply nothing, because I bet your last dollar, that the truth in turn resonates in that other 99% a little bit louder than our own mentally constructed world.

Cheers to your waddle, I ask that everyone who crosses the street today, do so in at least one form of a waddle… do not have to be present….just your smile as you do so…..waddle on you little fluff balls.

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