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Al Gore’s 2nd 24 hour climate program on; 24 hour antidote program also on

Al Gore is producing what I believe is his 2nd 24 climate change program, which you can watch here. Not sure if it’s going to be archived, or not. From his website:

Dirty energy has created a world of Dirty Weather. Today, climate disruption affects us all. And it will take all of us together to solve it. Join us for 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, when together we will stand up and demand real solutions to the climate crisis. is shadowing the Gore-fest with their own 24 hour program. As you might expect, the production values aren’t at all comparable. The WUWT program will definitely be archived, so you can catch it later. If having skips in the programming bothers you, you might be better off waiting for the archive.

I’ve only seen a relatively small part of the WUWT program. A German meteorologist named Luning discussed, in part, the variability of solar factors and solar related phenomena (like cosmic rays, whose degree of penetration into the earth depends on the degree of solar shielding associated with the sunspot activity and solar magnetic field). Total solar irradiance only varies by about 0.1%, so climate modelers have (until recently, if I heard right) ignored solar factors completely.

However, the UV component of varies by 70% (with this same overall periodicity as total solar irradiance), and cosmic rays by about 10%. (Cosmic rays inversely with the irradiance.) Now studies are appearing showing dramatic effects on the troposphere due to UV variability, and some climate modelers are even incorporating UV effects into their models.

I hope the Gore-a-thon doesn’t repeat the canard about climate science being “settled science”. Judith curry has defined the field as a “mess”, rather than “tamed” – hence babbling about a consensus can’t make any sense.

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