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“Just as I predicted, ladies and gentlemen,” he said. “This election was lost because of your host, Rush Limbaugh. I am the primary reason.”

I just read this quote in a story about Limbaugh, and he goes on to spew some more self-serving bullshit, yet I’ve been considering the same thing about him now for a few days.

Rush started his eponymous show in 1988. 20 years later, a huge cadre of young voters crush the polls to elect Obama. Four years later, and exactly 18 years after Limbaugh is granted Honorary Membership in the Congressional Class of 1994, a huge cadre of young voters crush the polls to re-elect Obama.

These young Americans grew up in a time where Limbaugh has always been on the radio. You may dismiss radio’s effect these days, but  imagine all the incidental environmental toxins these folks have been exposed to. Gas stations, quickie marts, joint custody shuttles, anyplace you might encounter a gathering of people who called themselves dittoheads, that noxious gasbag was being played.

I see the results of the past two presidential elections as the revenge of the unwilling. People who had to just sit through that shit and suffer, just because they were kids. But the first chance they got, their very first Presidential election, they voted for the anti-Limbaugh. And this past election they did it again.

It’s as if a whole cohort of young people decided, you know what? Fuck this guy. He’s wrong. I’ve had enough of his racist homophobic bullshit and I’m voting for Obama.

And to that I say thank you. And thanks to Rush for whatever part he played in helping you decide.

It’s morning in America.

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