The good and noble General David Petraeus has apparently gone all in with a woman or two (or maybe more) who isn’t his wife.  I wonder if this might not turn into a Tiger Woods moment with women eventually crawling out of the woodwork like termites eating their way through a supporting beam.


But whatever the final outcome, my feeling is that all of this controversy and public shame couldn’t have happened to a more justly deserving fellow.  Not that I care one whit about the sexual impropriety – Americans are all too hilariously prudish when it comes to matters of the flesh – but if this is what it takes nowadays to bring down a self-righteous individual in government, then I’m all for it.


Naturally, Petraeus being such an object of deification, the media, politicians and probably quite a few regular civilians are aghast and disbelieving at the shock of it all.  How could such a disciplined, morally superior specimen such as he, fall so low?  Especially after he’s risen higher than one of those killer drones he loves to deploy.


Yes, the pride ofCornwall,New Yorkand West Point – right near where I live in theHudsonValley– has come down to earth with a resounding splat. Who says there’s no justice in the world?


Personally, I’ve never understood this religious worship of all things military.  Especially toward these careerist types.  What’s the big deal?  He made a career decision.  So what?  I have a lot more reverence for firefighters and nurses and teachers than I do for people who voluntarily engage in death and destruction for a living.  But maybe that’s just one of my peculiarities.  Perhaps I just don’t appreciate how much he’s done to protect my freedom – I might need to ruminate on that a bit.


I remember when this guy first came to national prominence.  It was during the Bush years when Petraeus burst upon the scene slathered with ribbons and stars across his chest like so much colored confetti shot out of a canon.  In Congressional hearings regarding the debacle inIraq, the Senators were practically stampeding each other in order to throw the largest bouquet of accolades at his feet.  All the while, the good general dodged questions with impunity, basking in his carefully constructed half-truths and evasions – and the Senators ate it up like chocolate candy.  What exactly had he really accomplished up to that point – or this point for that matter?  What good has he brought the world?  What has he actually sacrificed for others?  What precisely is his contribution that so merits that kind of obsequious indulgence, then and now?


And then on top of his failed and disastrous wars of no good purpose inIraqandAfghanistan, he gets the top job at the C.I.A., brought to all of us by another in a long line of idiocies from Obama and his administration.  The guy who turned the C.I.A. into a paramilitary organization and supports Obama’s endless wars and the drone murders of innocents.  Certainly a legacy that merits national acclaim.  What an upstanding chap.  This fellow clearly exhibits the highest of moral compasses. 


So, after years and years of treating this dude as if he was the second-coming, way beyond reproach or criticism – he turns out to be not so wonderful and ethical after all.  Not so bright and shiny as originally thought by so many.  Oh, gosh ~ what a surprise.  Someone get me my smelling salts.


I don’t usually get much satisfaction from politics.  That’s to be expected given how thoroughly corrupt it’s become.  My bigger complaint is that I don’t often feel satisfied with karma either.  I mean, where is karma when you need it, I ask?  Cheney, Bush, Rice etc, are still running around free as birds, wealthy and insulated.  If there was any true karmic justice, they’d be sitting in federal prison or at least they’d be too ashamed and stigmatized to show their faces.  But, alas, that’s not the way it is.  As too frequently it’s made clear, karma doesn’t get them after all.


But in the past week or so – karma did indeed smile upon the world a couple of times.  There was Karl Rive and Romney being thwacked upside the head.  And then there was the ignoble David Petraeus falling right off his rusting throne.  Made me proud to be an American for a change.

Kate Flannery

Kate Flannery

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