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How about a fresh round of misogyny?

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Neither I nor most people know the “juicy” details of David Petraeus’s love life — in fact, I’d rather not thank you very much. But as ever there are only two stories that the national political media are capable of following. The horse race and a sex scandal — and with the election just over…

But the reaction that follows the immediate reaction of a sex scandal is always depressingly the same — it was the woman’s fault as Mother Jones summarized yesterday:

After information came to light about Paula Broadwell, the alleged mistress, Business Insider posted a piece from writer Robert Johnson, who talks to an unnamed “senior military source.” The source praises Petraeus’ “honor” in admitting that he was having an affair with a woman who “got her claws—so to speak—in him.”

Ah yes, poor honorable General Petraeus.

I’m sorry who is the person of cheap virtue here?

Prominent members of conservative, Washington-based defense think tanks were given permanent office space at [Patraeus] headquarters and access to military aircraft to tour the battlefield. They provided advice to field commanders that sometimes conflicted with orders the commanders were getting from their immediate bosses.

Oh awesome, the Kagan family does like to play soldier. And I’m sure John Bolton’s advice on swinging was much appreciated…at the time.

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