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Wow, Petreaus Gate has become General Gate.

I was greatly suspicious from day one, thot that it had to be spooks driven. And evidence mounts, that it is.

Seems new info reveals biographer/military intelligence student/reservist and MI practitioner Paula Broadwell (aka The Mole?) spent time in Israel studying, working, and has links to Neocon/Israeli ‘think tanks’ and advisory groups.

Previously, she’d just slept with Petreaus and revealed the cover up of the Benghazi operation which was covered up to look like arms smuggling with Turkey to supply Syrian rebels, but was actually a CIA Rendition and Torture House, with prisoners being held at the time of the attack and death of Ambassador Stevens (a CIA operative).

Seems Obama had declared such operations to be halted and illegal back in what,’09? . . . so CIA likely ‘contracted out’ to former US Military folks to do the dirty work . . . so THAT blows up for the CIA.

TWO sisters, identical twins, are social liaisons to US Central Command in FL, and both are dear family friends with Petreus and General Allen, with thousands of emails and daily contact amongst them all over a period of time.

Natalie, the second madame, received help and support from both Petreaus and Gen Allen as part of her custody battle for children in her divorce proceedings!

Sure, TELL me these two gals are not targets for an active mole looking for assets . . . or subject to blackmail by said moles.

Social liasions, I love it, they are madame’s for crying out loud, providing ‘services’ to US Centcom in FL! And HAVE been, for a few years! (conjecture upon my part, as all of this commentary is/valid disclaimer not admitting guilt of complicity or anything else that might get me disappeared).

Compromised? Hayall yes, Easy asset targets for foreign spy agencies and deep embed moles to run them in place within US Military Matters? Oh yeah.

General Allen and Petreaus now shown to have written letters of support and were involved in Natalie’s (the sister to Jill) custody case for her kid(s) upon breakup with HER husband.

Tell me this ain’t spooks run, driven and blown up in the faces of AIPAC, LIKUD, CIA, FBI, GOP and Dem’s. Oh, Pentagon, MIC, all military forces, and well, to infinity!

This makes Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy look tame. Smiley’s People and the Brits series MI-5 (Spooks in the UK) couldn’t write a script this fucked up.

Who will hang? Who will get out alive? Will their be a purge of BushCo military and judicial appointees by the present Dem Pres and his administration? Or will they ‘look forward’ and bury it all?

Will the Neocons, GOP and AIPAC be discredited? Or will they all go scot free in the interest of ‘national security’, which is code for, ‘we all did it, we all do it, we all cover it up cuz EVERY one’s guilty, guilty, guilty’?

My guess, Dem’s cave, again, and it all gets washed away like nothing ever happened and it’s spun as love interests gone bad . . . from the FBI office guy who wanted into Jill’s panties, sent her topless photos of himself, and then called the office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) to rat it out cuz HE thot the FBI was with holding the investigation to protect Obama.

Washed away for two sisters playing madams and NOT playing spooks assets.

Washed away so biographer Broadwell is NOT an AIPAC mole embed . . . going back to oh, early 2000’s.

Washed out so Generals and others are NOT being played by spies, but guilty of not keeping their dicks in their pants wrt National Security.

Washed up cover ups of a dead Ambassador Stevens (CIA spook in Benghazi) and those in the rendition/torture house that was made to look like an arms smuggling operation but defied the orders of The President Of The United States (did Obama look the other way? Did his admin folks? CIA?)?

Talk about yer major cluster phucks, this one is epic.

Breathtaking, stupendous, endemic in our government and military, all I wanna know is where the corporate fascists will take it, cuz BOTH sides of THEIR aisles are outed.

GOP/Dims, and of course, all their neocon war mongering for profits pally wally’s.

Gonna need a LOT more popcorn and butter before this one’s finished.

I don’t have time to embed all the links with clever little titles, but here are a few as of this morning.

David Dayen, others, and FDL regulars Edward Teller, CTuttle, and a few more have been all OVER this stuff, and my hat tip to each and every Pup who commented on this to date, you guys are all OVER this stuff and gave me lots of info to read and links to chase.

Well done, all, at FDL/MyFDL. Cuz this one’s epic, fucking epic as hayall.

Read it all for yourself, here are some links so far:

SF Gate


NY Times



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