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Social Security Lame Duck Whip Count: What are you made out of, Senator John Kerry?

President Obama appears to be all in to sacrifice Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid according to documents leaked by Bob Woodward. But Mr. Obama had telegraphed his intentions to craft a social programs and earned benefits “give away” in his Des Moines, “leaked” interview just prior to his re-election. Additionally, during the first Presidential debate, Mr. Obama had revealed his intention to cut Social Security, when he said that his position on Social Security was very similar to that of his contender, Mr. Romney.  The Republican plan contained deep cuts including raising the eligibility age for Social Security.

In anticipation of an attack on Social Security during the lame duck session, Senator Sanders crafted a letter of opposition to cuts and a demand for the tax cuts for the richest Americans to expire.  29  Senators signed that letter, but Senator John Kerry did not. Other notable Democratic Party Senators also did not commit. (Listed below).

John Kerry is one of those considered for promotion to a high position within the Obama Administration, Secretary of State. Should a Senator who has shown so little consideration for 99% of his own country’s citizens and their social welfare programs, be allowed to represent our American values to other countries? Senator John Kerry should sign Senator Sanders letter and press President Obama to leave Social Security alone.

Senator John Kerry’s contact information:

(202) 224-2742  This is his web contact address:

His term ends in 2014, but there is no reason why he should live with more dignity than the rest of us—–whose Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other vital programs are his responsibility to protect.  Let him know that you would like him to sign Sanders letter.

The Whip Count Can Be Found Here.

Email Addresses and Contact Information for Senators Can Be Found Here.

(The original post about the whip count by Americablog & Gaius_Publius can be found HERE.  A youtube by Gaius_Publius, explaining the whip count and the background behind it, can be found HERE.)



Here is the list of non signers from americablog:

Roll-Over Dems
Max Baucus (CostumeDem–MT) — term ends in 2014 — (202) 224-2651
Michael Bennet (CostumeDem–CO) — term ends in 2016 — (202) 224-5852
Jeff Bingaman (CostumeDem–NM) — retiring this year — (202) 224-5521
Tom Carper (CostumeDem–DE) — running this year — (202) 224-2441
Bob Casey (CostumeDem–PA) — running this year — (202) 224-6324
Kent Conrad (CostumeDem–ND) — retiring this year — (202) 224-2043
Chris Coons (CostumeDem–DE) — term ends after 2014 — (202) 224-5042
? Dick Durbin (CostumeDem–IL) — term ends after 2014 — (202) 224-2152
Dianne Feinstein (CostumeDem–CA) — running this year — (202) 224-3841

Kay Hagan (CostumeDem–NC) — term ends after 2014 — (202) 224-6342
? John Kerry (CostumeDem–MA) — term ends after 2014 — (202) 224-2742
? Amy Klobuchar (CostumeDem–MN) — running this year — (202) 224-3244
Herb Kohl (CostumeDem–WI) — retiring this year — (202) 224-5653
Mary Landrieu (CostumeDem–LA) — running in 2014 — (202) 224-5824
Joe Lieberman (“Independent”–Pits of Hell) — retiring to Pits of Hell — (202) 224-4041
? Claire McCaskill (CostumeDem–MO) — running this year — (202) 224-6154
Ben Nelson (CostumeDem–NE) — retiring this year — (202) 224-6551
? Bill Nelson (CostumeDem–FL) — running this year — (202) 224-5274
Mark Pryor (CostumeDem–AR) — running in 2014 — (202) 224-2353
Jeanne Shaheen (CostumeDem–NH) — running in 2014 — (202) 224-2841
Jon Tester (CostumeDem–MT) — running this year — (202) 224-2644
Mark Udall (CostumeDem–CO) — running in 2014 — (202) 224-5941
Mark Warner (CostumeDem–VA) — running in 2014 — (202) 224-2023
Jim Webb (CostumeDem–VA) — retiring this year — (202) 224-4024


This is a dated list. Some of the above-mentioned Senators may have changed their positions. In which case, that would be noted in the whip count link at the end of the written introductory paragraphs. Thanks for considering making a call or emailing Senator Kerry or others who have not signed. If any of the non signing Senators change their minds, you can let the whip count administrators know at this link:


[Highlighted text link to documents] & if you are tired of reading, here’s is Sam Seder’s Majority Report video, a reaction piece to “How the Establishment Wants to Destroy Social Security.”    Good news! Senator Schumer is sticking with his commitment to Bernie Sanders letter opposing Social Security cuts and also letting tax cuts expire for the 1%! And as of Monday, November 12th, Senator Sanders said that he would rather let the Bush tax cuts expire and wait until January, 2013, to respond, if it means that Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid will be protected.




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