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Here’s some news for your Sunday evening perusal.

International Developments

? A stray mortar from Syria hit an Israeli military post. However, an Israeli army spokeswoman said: “We understand this was a mistake and was not meant to target Israel and then that is why we fired a warning shot in retaliation.”

? That was quick, since they expected to fail yesterday. Syrian opposition groups meeting in Qatar have agreed to form a new coalition to oppose President Basha al-Assad’s government. “The fractious opposition has been under pressure from the US and other backers in the region to clinch a deal.” They’ve chosen a leader, a Sunni Muslim cleric.

? Saying they are “appalled” by reports that Sattar Beheshti, Iranian blogger arrested and dead within a week, may have been “tortured and killed”, Iran’s parliament has announced an investigation.

? Obama, Donilon, Drones, Diplomacy, Iran and more: What’s next?

? Polish Independence Day in Warsaw with 20,000 nationalists on the march, fighting with police. “A smaller march is being held by anti-fascist groups.” Heaven help us!

? “Hundreds evacuated in Tuscany as Venice floods”. 70% of Venice is underwater. Heavy rains.

? A bit of information out of Burma. 12 people are dead, dozens injured, bridge down due to the 6.8 quake.

International Finance

? People are being evicted for lack of mortgage payments in Spain, leading to a recent suicide by a 53-year-old female in Baracaldo as bank representatives arrived to evict her and her husband. This so touched Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, that he announced a moratorium on evictions of the “most vulnerable families” while some kind of remedy can be devised.

Money Matters USA

? In August a record 47.1 million Americans were on food stamps, with July’s increase “the biggest monthly increase in one year.” From December, 2007 (“the official start of the depression”) to August 2012, 4.6 millions jobs have been lost while 21.2 million Americans have qualified for food stamps or disability.

? First Petraeus, now Kubasik. Christopher Kubasik was to be president and CEO of Lockheed Martin, but he, too, had a zipper problem that was “inconsistent with [Lockheed Martin’s] values and standards”, so someone else will be CEO in January. BTW, DiFi, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says Petraeus’ resignation is “‘tragic for this human being’ and for the country.”

? Is the Petraeus resignation causing grief or relief in the White House? [cont’d.]

David Dayen

David Dayen