We often look across the landscape that is contemporary America, and we ask ourselves: How can we possibly turn it around? Where do we start? What will it take?

It starts with us, and that means engagement: engagement with our political system, and engagement in our communities, including businesses.

Engagement gets people talking to each other.

Engagement uncovers the unethical businesses.

Engagement chips away at the barriers that keeps us apart: race, gender, sexual orientation.

Engagement redevelops community.

Engagement compels individuals to educate themselves on the critical issues.

Engagement allows individuals to become adults again, to self govern.

Engagement teaches people about their natural rights, about the need for a free space within society to challenge political and economic powers (civil rights), and prevents redefining “liberty” as nothing more than a cheap, slimy “license” for all manner of unethical or illegal practices, license that allows some to infringe on the natural rights of others.

Engagement starts allowing us to reconnect the dots, to understand that our decisions carry fierce consequences, and that we better damn well start to understand those consequences.

Engagement fills the void we have tried to fill with consumption-by-planned-obsolescence.

Engagement allows us to find a deeper meaning in our lives.

Engagement allows us to regain our sense of dignity.

Engagement claws backs our humanity.

Engagement violently pushes back against those who claim humans are nothing but animals with some capacity for higher thinking, in need of experts, administrators and managers to dictate our every move because we can’t be trusted.

Engagement gives us back our lives.

If engagement provides us with a better sense of the world, I believe we are then in a position to provide a better sense of who we are to ourselves, and what is really important in life.

E.L. Beck

E.L. Beck