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A Refreshing Concession Letter to President Obama

Stewart Alexander, the Socialist candidate for president who was on the ballot in only a few states, published the following concession letter he sent to President Obama after the election:

Instead of the usual congratulations and “let’s all good Americans unite behind the Leader” meme, Alexander’s expression of good will extends only to Obama and his family’s health and happiness and that’s about it. Alexander clearly could not bring himself to wish Obama success in carrying out lesser-of-two-evil policies that are still self-evidently evil. I find that refreshing. The letter’s not very long, so I’ll only snip this one bit:

It is customary in these letters to wish the victor success in their endeavors, but I hope you can
forgive my inability to do so… I could not hope for more wars
to fought for fossil fuels nor for our meager social safety net to be scaled back further, leaving
those most in need with even less. No, I’ll be hoping for success for the people of the United
States and for working people across the world rather than financial success of Wall Street.

Thanks, Stewart Alexander. I’m glad I voted for you in Ohio. You accurately represented me in that letter.

I know, I know, he only got about 3000 votes here while Green Jill Stein got just under 18,000 and Libertarian Gary Johnson got 47,000, as compared to Obama’s 2.69 million and Romney’s 2.58 million(source: Ohio Secretary of State).  I fully expect to be jeered by those who mock the percentage of the vote racked up by third party candidates and call Alexander and the others irrelevant at best and vanity candidates at worst.

Still, the population of a large town or a small city in Ohio collectively said “A pox on both your houses” to the two candidates of the Fascist duopoly parties.  I thank them, too, for voting their consciences.

In a few weeks, we’ll have a better idea about what third party candidates did nationally. In the meantime, we have a second Obama Administration to live with and, I think, to oppose, for Obama definitely deserves opposition from the left.

He’s earned it, after all.

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