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With “Progressives” Like These


So the election is over, and as predicted the President won reelection handily.  The electoral college victory President Obama won over Romney was an open hand slap to Mitt’s campaign and after looking at some of the other election numbers; a rebuke of CONservative principles and a tolling of the bells on the inevitable demise of the Republican Party as we know it.  Those are all good things, and as some of my colleagues have pointed out to me there are other positives too.  The continued increase in the Latino voting population likely means a more progressive voting block for years to come; and I must concede that if this continues, it seems likely that eventually Congress will be forced to enact some sort of real immigration reform.  I thought it impossible at first and argued that, even with the numbers grossly against them, that CONservative politicians and the big businesses they represent would do everything in their power to hold onto the cheap labor source of undocumented immigrants and the added bonus of wage suppression this has on the wider domestic economy.  But they may not be able to stop it, maybe.  We’ll just have to wait and see how it plays out, I will submit though, that this state of affairs may push the 1% and their henchmen into other forms of wage suppression in order to recapture any profit loss this may entail, but again, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Open handed slap to Romney and CONservatism aside, the reelection of the President was also an embrace of the NeoLiberal policies advanced by the modern Democratic Party, privatization of schools nationwide and deregulation of everything from the transportation system in Atlanta Georgia to the continued deregulation of genetically modified food labeling in California, irresponsibly low taxes on businesses and wealthy individuals, the continued fleecing of the working class and the beginning of the dismantling of what remains of the social safety net with the “Grand Bargain” aiming directly at Social Security, Medicare and set to nearly eradicate Medicaid.  **Here is a video of The Young Turk’s Cenk Ugyr talking about, you guessed it, the Democrats betraying the working class ALREADY! Sadly, Cenk STILL thinks Dems and Obama are somehow the less evil, and somehow thinks that the path forward is to go after overturning Citizen United to get money out of politics….[the flaw I find in his “logic” is that he is relying on the same bought off crop of ‘public servants’ in Congress who brought us this mess and many more to reverse it]……with “progressives” like these who needs CONservatives?**

[Mmmm, perhaps Cenk and many others should read this column by Chris Hedges entitled ‘Why I’m Voting Green’ in which Hedges explains why he voted for Jill Stein in the presidential race and points out the historical truth that almost every major advancement in actual progressive legislation in the U.S…..has come on the strength of third parties, third parties who did not win the elections but who acted as a mechanism with which to punsih one of the major parties and to force them to adopt progressive policy.   I don’t know how much simpler the case has to be made.]

I know that most of the folks who cast their vote for President Obama and the Dems did not have this in mind, and that many voted simply out of fear of the other side; but it is impossible to separate one from the other, every vote cast amounts to a co-signing of the aforementioned policy positions.

I believe I mentioned it once before, but I once joked on a thread at another site when we were arguing about the Democrats being corporatist that, if folks kept co-signing and endorsing the rightward drift of the Democratic Party that ‘progressives’ of 50 years from now would be arguing for a “tax increase of 1/1000th of a percent on the wealthy for all income earned over a gazillion dollars!”  A ridiculous position of course; but why not?  After all, where exactly is the line that liberals and progressives of the United States will not cross?  I have yet to see one; and neither has the corporatist, right-wing, NeoLiberal Democratic party.

As for the death of the Republicans, I honestly don’t know what sort of party will spring up in their place. Whatever it is, it must be less racist, less bigoted, and less religiously intolerant than the current GOP if it hopes to survive. The destruction of the GOP is certainly good in and of itself; but I think that is a decade or two in the making.

In the meantime, as the right implodes it will get meaner and scarier and nastier than ever, and the corporatist Dems will be there to suck up votes and move the country further to the right ever more stealthily as they appear continually better than their counterparts.  The question is what kind of right-wing, NeoLiberal  laws and precedents will be put into place throughout this period?   This pattern of lesser evilism has already brought us Citizen’s United, a nonexistent middle class and a working class under seige, it’s already brought us massive tax cuts on the wealthy and cuts to social programs across the board for average citizens, it’s already brought us the financial ruin of 2008, the loss of millions of working class jobs andworking class homes and the bailouts of the same folks who caused the mess in the first place. The wage of the average worker hadn’t increased in over 30 years before the crisis in 2008; and the jobs coming back to the economy are lower paying than before.  And the list goes on.   And I haven’t even touched on the eradication of civil rights or the blood thirsty “foregin policy”we’ve come to expect from this President and his Dem counterparts.

So.  What happens now that there is essentially no firewall between the wants and wishes of the multinational corporations and the wealthy individuals funding both wings of the UniParty….and the legislation they want enacted on their behalf?

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